Project Onramp: Set Up Apps from Okta with One Click

For almost 10 years, Okta’s mission has been to connect people to the technology they need to do their best work. We’ve seen firsthand how transformative these tools can be — enabling teams to tackle strategic challenges, work more efficiently, and collaborate on a global scale.

We also know there’s nothing more efficient than a single click — and that’s what we’re announcing with Project Onramp. With Okta acting as a central hub for apps and services, IT admins will be able to find, test, set up, and give their teams access to the tools and services they need with the click of a mouse. This means it will be possible to stand up a tenant with full enterprise functionality in just minutes — no complicated deployments or provisioning required.

Rather than investing time into researching best-in-class tools, companies can turn to Okta as a starting point with a ready-to-use ecosystem of leading software. Our founding partners are some of the most widely-used applications in the world, including Box (the fifth most popular app in our network), PagerDuty (the third most popular dev tool our customers use), Zscaler, Ringcentral, Workplace, Zylo, McAfee, and OrgWiki.

Our 2018 Businesses @ Work report found that Workplace by Facebook is the fifth fastest growing app in our network. Project Onramp gives Okta customers an opportunity to try it without the burden of a time-consuming set-up. “Businesses large and small are looking for ways to more easily and securely give their workers the most innovative tools available to do their best work, but getting to that goal hasn’t always been as easy at it should be,” says Julien Codorniou, vice president of Workplace by Facebook. “By joining Okta’s Project Onramp initiative, we’ll help more organizations collaborate and get more done — making it simple to give their teams access to Workplace, right within Okta.”

Zylo and OrgWiki are also founding partners. Zylo provides customers with financial, licensing, and usage visibility into every cloud subscription they have, while OrgWiki has created the next generation of company directories. "With Project Onramp, any Okta customer can press a button and instantly create a new OrgWiki trial with all their employees already populated,” says Chris van Loben Sels, general manager for OrgWiki at Veeva Systems.

Through Project Onramp, administrators can ensure that only the right people or teams have access to specific apps. This makes it easy to pre-select a test group, while eliminating the need to manually import specific users or connect to a legacy system such as Active Directory. With the time saved, IT departments — and all teams across the organization — are free to take on other projects that move the business forward, rather than simply keeping it on track.

Join our founding partners Box, Workplace by Facebook, OrgWiki, PagerDuty, Ringcentral, Zscaler, McAfee, and Zylo. Project Onramp is now available to application providers everywhere.

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