Building Effective Apps, and Relationships, in a World of Fast-Paced Production

Innovation is hard. Whether you’re managing an organization, building the next great SaaS product, or expanding into new markets, innovation is tough and requires effective collaboration. Employees, partners, contractors and customers all need varying levels of access to your applications, all the time, everywhere, and on all platforms. Today, building a great product is a prerequisite, and success depends on deep integrations with other businesses, applications and workflows. Identity, as always, is the key.

Identity is easy: a login page and a database and you're set... Not!

Customers demand friction free integrations, which starts with leveraging existing identity stores to provide access. To be successful, you must maintain the same standard of security, compliance and experience across all users, irrespective of where they come from. Building these rich, often custom, integrations in-house simply does not scale. It inevitably leads to choosing between spending valuable engineering cycles on either integrations or your core product. To get integration right, you need a reliable, trusted partner.

That’s where Okta comes in.

Okta’s approach to building better relationships

Today, Okta offers over 5000 self-service integrations across products, services and workflows, on prem and in the cloud, to customers distributed across the world, enabling 50 million authentications every day. We have perfected integration-at-scale by doubling down on 5 key principles:

Support Everything: Empowering your customers to leverage their existing identities is key and our support spans the cloud (SAML, OIDC, OAuth) as well as LDAP, Active Directory and WS-FED—allowing you to integrate with any identity store.

Fine grained authorization, security, and compliance: Providing incorrect access can be disastrous. Okta offers a unified view across all users with Universal Directory and a powerful policy engine for granular access control, complete lifecycle management and advanced MFA, all without writing a single piece of code.

Self Service Ready: The best integrations are those you never have to manage. Leveraging delegated administration and Okta’s powerful API-driven platform empowers your customers to self service setup, manage, and administer their integrations, allowing you to focus on your core business. Okta's out of the box integrations to Azure AD and GSuite simplify this even more by enabling end to end, self service setup within minutes.

Deep two-way integrations are key: Access is just the beginning. Okta was built from the ground up to support deep integrations and the ability to configure workflows and provisioning across 5000+ applications. This allows for the lifecycle management of every user, in real-time.

Frictionless UX: The end user should never know what's happening behind the scenes. Okta’s IdP discovery and routing rules enable redirecting the user to the right IdP based on network, device, or profile attribute, allowing you to support 100s of identity providers through a delightful, unified, customizable UI.

Focus on your value add, and let us focus on ours

Integration is hard, and doing it yourself takes time and money away from your core product. Partnering with Okta straps a rocket to your integration strategy, empowering you to enable friction-free, secure and deep integration across any application, workflow or partner.

Want the details of how Okta can help you integrate with partners faster? Read our Get Your App Ready for the Global B2B Market: Understanding the Power of Enterprise Identity Integration whitepaper.


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