Okta + Citrix Workspace. Synergy Indeed!

At Okta we believe a neutral, modern identity platform is essential to unleashing employee productivity by ensuring workers have secure access to the best business applications for completing their work. Deploying Okta unleashes IT to deliver the best applications quickly and securely. In fact, in our 2019 Businesses@Work report we shared that large companies who have been with Okta for over three years are deploying an average of 163 apps!

The trends towards using a larger set of purpose-built applications has contributed to the market demand for the enterprise workspace—a unified environment to find applications and get work done. Citrix has been in the application delivery space for 30 years, and in 2018 launched their latest customer offering in this area: Citrix Workspace.

Today at Citrix Synergy in Atlanta, Citrix announced the integration of Citrix Cloud and Citrix Workspace integrated with the Okta Identity Cloud for our joint customers.

How it works...

When entering the Citrix Workspace, users are seamlessly presented with Okta’s authentication, including, if policy dictates, Okta MFA. After securely logging in, employees access a single dashboard that consolidates all the apps and data (whether in the cloud or on-premises) for which they are entitled. Further enhanced by personal insights and streamlined workflows, this convenient digital workspace contributes to a vastly better user experience compared to managing a fragmented app library.

Using Okta’s Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), organizations can prevent unauthorized access to resources and protect against data breaches caused by phishing and other credential-related attacks. This is done while leveraging intelligent context-based policies to ensure that users are only prompted for MFA during risky login attempts (such as when off the corporate network or on untrusted devices).

Meanwhile, IT, security, and HR teams benefit from centralized app access and usage visibility, simplified onboarding and automated user provisioning, plus fine-grained access control.

The integration is now in private technical preview through Citrix. We are excited to see what more our two companies can do to help customers maximize the value of their current investments and start to unlock new use cases. If attending Citrix Synergy, please attend session SYN127: Bringing Okta and Citrix together in Workspace on Wednesday at 3:30 PM to learn more.