Introducing Okta’s Enhanced and Improved Customer Experience Center

This last January, Okta officially moved into our brand-new San Francisco headquarters! And with that move, we unveiled something special: our newly remodeled and upgraded Customer Experience Center. With the launch of our new center, we’re excited to connect with our customers in a whole new way—moving us closer to our number one core value, love our customers.

Our goal is to enrich and foster relationships with customers, and we proudly believe that everybody who visits Okta deserves an up-leveled, accommodating, and informative experience.

The Customer Experience Center is meant to be an inclusive and accessible environment where we can interact with our customers from various industries and backgrounds. We hope to address their current goals and challenges, as well as discuss how Okta can shape their future. Each customer visits the center with a variety of discussion topics in mind, and each briefing session is custom-tailored, based on the participant’s needs.

During a briefing, you can expect interactive, customized presentations from Okta’s executive staff and subject-matter experts. To make the most of your time onsite, your visit is curated by a team that has your specific goals top-of-mind. This is how we work with YOU to ensure the content you experience is the most impactful.

We look forward to welcoming you to our headquarters (our Oktanaut home!) very soon. In the meantime, check out the video below to get a preview of what the experience is actually like. You’ll hear directly from Executive Vice Chairperson, COO & Co-Founder Frederic Kerrest, Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Carlson, and Senior Marketing Manager for Strategic & Executive Programs Alexia Case on what makes Okta’s Customer Experience Center unique and different.

Intrigued? Request your custom briefing at Okta’s San Francisco HQ right here.