A Whole New Way to Be a Part of Oktane: YOUR Story on Stage

Celebrating customer success is something that comes naturally to us. It’s a habit we’ve embedded into everything we do—even our annual conference! Since our first Oktane, the conference has evolved to become one of the biggest industry events for IT experts, security professionals, and business decision makers across all fields and functions. And every year, we shine the spotlight on our forward-thinking customers so that you can hear about and learn from their journeys, experiences, and wins in the realm of identity and access management.

At Oktane19, we hosted 6,000 attendees and had over 90 customers take the stage as presenters and special guests. Now, as we plan for Oktane20 next March 30 to April 2, we can’t wait to hear the inspiring stories that will come from yet another impressive group of customer speakers.

Rocco Martin, Senior Software Architect at Umpqua Bank, spoke at Oktane19 about successfully migrating users to Okta. In speaking about his experience, he said "It's a chance to break out of your shell, take chances, and connect with others who are looking to solve the same challenges. The team that works with you on the talk is heavily invested in your success, and will help you hone your message and get rid of jitters." Interested yet?

Everything is well underway for next year’s event: we’re lining up an unforgettable series of keynote speakers and we’ve landed on our core topics. Now that it’s time to round up our next group of customer speakers, we want to hear what stories and insights you can share with our attendees!

Take a look at the themes that will be guiding the many conversations at Oktane this year. Do any of these speak to the experience you’ve had using Okta’s identity platform? If so, you might be just the right candidate to speak at one of our sessions!

  • Integrations: For attendees who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the Okta Integration Network (OIN), these sessions will showcase the different, creative ways customers leverage Okta’s partnerships with leading technology providers to drive their business. If your organization is using Okta Hooks to extend Okta for interesting use cases or leveraging 3rd party connectors, this might be the right theme for you.
  • Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM): These presentations will demonstrate how Okta’s innovative, low-code approach and developer-friendly tools help companies roll out leading-edge CIAM solutions. They will also address how these solutions enable everything from GDPR and CCPA compliance, to modern auth and customized onboarding through our Okta Identity Engine.
  • Developer: By taking a close look at the intricacies of cryptography and web, mobile, and API security, these sessions will tackle practical implementation and best practices for securing your apps and APIs from an AppDev perspective. If you have a story about how your organization is implementing practical cryptography or best practices for API security, we’d love for you to come and share.
  • Zero Trust: Now that the traditional perimeter has been disrupted and our networks consist of decentralized users and their devices, organizations need to take a Zero Trust approach to securing their systems and identities. These sessions will show attendees how—and why—to do that.
  • Cloud Access: With a focus on SSO, UD, and ASA, the sessions in this category will cover themes that are both familiar and essential to all businesses. Topics will include accessing enterprise web apps, scaling access to new cloud technologies, and managing, consolidating, and protecting various users across multiple sources.
  • Hybrid IT: For anyone who needs cloud-based identity and security solutions to work in tandem with their on-prem systems, these sessions will provide a roadmap to help companies along their implementation journey, as well as best practices for upgrading and replacing their legacy SSO solutions with Okta Access Gateway (OAG). If your organization is in the process of incorporating OAG or have implemented Okta to protect your hybrid environment, let us know.
  • Lifecycle Management: Anyone who understands Okta Lifecycle Management knows that it enables them to automate the onboarding and offboarding of users inside and outside their organization, but there’s so much more to it than that. These sessions will cover how you can use Lifecycle Management for more complex use cases and lifecycle flows.
  • The Future of Identity: These presentations are all about looking to the horizon and forecasting how tomorrow’s technologies, innovations, and approaches will impact the identity space and shape business goals and growth. You can join the stage with the likes of Okta experts Marc Rogers and Karl McGuiness, who’ll be presenting on this topic.

It’s one thing for our own experts to tell you about Okta’s offerings; it’s another to have customers describe their firsthand experience of facing, and solving, a business challenge through identity and access management. The way we see it, our customers are the real experts. If any of these themes resonate with you, share your ideas with us—we’d love to hear your story. As an added bonus, all customer speakers will receive a complimentary pass to the conference.

We look forward to seeing you there and sharing the stage with you.

If there’s a topic area you’d like to participate in as a presenter, or if you’ve got a great idea for a session, we’d love to hear from you. Please apply via our Call for Speakers by November 25, 2019 and we’ll get in touch with you soon. And, of course, it's not too early to register for Oktane20!