Goodbye Passwords. Hello Okta FastPass.

We’ve been on a mission to embrace a passwordless future for quite some time, and today, we are excited to introduce Okta FastPass: the first truly passwordless login experience across devices and platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

The Problems with Passwords

The average American has 150 online accounts that require a password, and this number is expected to grow to 300 by 2022. Remembering and maintaining so many usernames and passwords is not only cumbersome but insecure as well. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report in 2019, 80% of hacking-related breaches involved compromised and weak credentials, and 29% of all breaches, regardless of attack type, involved the use of stolen credentials. On top of this, according to Okta’s Passwordless Future Report, when employees forget passwords, 37 percent cannot access critical information needed to perform their job.

Login experiences should be strong, intuitive, and able to work across a complex ecosystem of applications, devices, and operating systems — all without creating more friction for users or keeping security-minded admins up at night.

End-to-End Passwordless with Okta FastPass

With Okta FastPass, employees can simply register their device to Universal Directory via the new Okta Verify App. Registering a device establishes a unique binding between it and the user in the Okta Identity Cloud. The result is a completely passwordless login experience that works on any device across browsers, desktop applications, and native mobile applications. As an added bonus, users can circumnavigate the need for frustrating, less secure secondary factors like SMS or security questions.

Okta fastpass passwordless login post

Even better, when using biometrics, users will have an end-to-end passwordless experience that is both secure and intuitive. For example, once a user registers a Mac or PC, they simply use a biometric factor like Touch ID to unlock not only the machine, but their entire app catalog with just a touch. The same concept applies on Android and iOS. Simply unlock the device with FaceID or a fingerprint, register it to Okta once, and get instant access to all of your apps.

In addition to drastically improving user experience, Okta FastPass also empowers IT to apply the right security controls. Admins have the option to create fine-grained policies that combine Endpoint Security Integrations and other adaptive policies with Okta FastPass to deliver secure, passwordless experiences for managed, compliant devices.

Because Okta FastPass requires registration to Universal Directory, admins are able to see all devices associated with a user, including information on whether the device is managed or unmanaged by the organization's EMM solution. The result is improved security and IT visibility across all user devices.

Get Started with Okta FastPass

Okta FastPass is currently in Beta and will be available in Early Access later this year. In the Okta Workforce Identity product line, it can be purchased as part of Single Sign-on. And in the Okta Customer Identity product line, it can be purchased as part of the One App and Enterprise editions. Check out the Okta FastPass Product Page for more information.