Take Back Control of Your Business Data with Okta and 1Password

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a key component of any Identity & Access Management (IAM) stack, but it is only one piece of a much larger security puzzle. In order to secure your business’ data, you need to manage access to all services, not just those covered by SSO

Shadow IT is the chink in your security armor

Employees often break IT rules unknowingly, focusing on the solutions apps offer, rather than the security risk posed to the business. Shadow IT are the apps and products employees use outside of your IT teams view.

Employees using shadow IT may see it as harmless, but it actually presents a very real opening in your businesses security. It only takes one compromised account to have sensitive business information leak – so having an overview of all accounts being used to store sensitive information is critical to your security.  

SSO is seen as a solution to help ensure that all IT products are brought under one umbrella, but the reality is that not all apps work with SSO. So, whether it’s because of shadow IT, or approved apps that don’t offer SSO, there will still be a gap in your armour when using SSO as your only security solution. 

Securing every entry point

By integrating a password manager, like 1Password, with Okta, you’ll have complete control and oversight into what accounts and tools your team are using. So, even if your team is using shadow IT, those accounts are going to appear in your employees 1Password account. Using a domain breach report you’ll be able to find out if an account has been compromised and take steps to lock down those accounts.

Using a password manager will help you eliminate the risk of sharing passwords across teams through emails and spreadsheets, meaning the apps that haven’t yet assimilated to the SSO system will be just as secure as the ones that have. 

Automated provisioning made simple

Integrating 1Password with Okta is simple, secure, and means your team will have access to all the information they need the moment they’re provisioned. 

Administrators will be able to roll out 1Password from Okta, so you’ll still only have the one tool to manage. You’ll be able to integrate 1Password into existing workflows with all of your Okta apps while preserving your security. 

After integrating 1Password and Okta, it’ll be easier than ever to automate common admin tasks. Because the two are linked, any changes made in Okta — like adding and removing people from customer groups or changing a user’s name — will also be reflected in 1Password.

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By using 1Password and Okta together you’ll be able to secure your business at scale. Automating provisioning makes managing your software and your teams easier than ever, so you can lock down your security across every access point. 

Learn more about Okta’s integration with 1Password here.