Modern, Secure Access for On-Prem Apps with Okta Access Gateway

80% of the organizations are operating a hybrid IT model, according to the 2022 Flexera State of the Cloud Report. For many of these organizations, identity is playing a pivotal role in simplifying IT operations, enabling superior end user experience, and upholding security posture. Innovators such as Avery Dennison are using Okta Access Gateway to extend modern, cloud-based security from Okta to their on-prem apps such as Oracle E-Business Suite, consolidating siloed identities, processes, and security policies across the hybrid IT environment onto a single Okta platform. 

We’ve seen tremendous customer momentum for Okta Access Gateway across industry verticals and geographies. Motorola, Nordstrom, and Zurich Insurance Company are some of the new Okta Access Gateway customers, just to name a few. As of October 2022, we have over 15 million total assigned users, representing an astonishing 75% growth vs. YA. We’re also seeing the number of customers that exceed 1 million authentications per month grow consistently, with some of our largest customers exceeding 10 million authentications per month. 

All of these organizations rely on Okta Access Gateway to bring modern security to their on-prem apps and reduce their dependence on legacy Web Access Management (WAM) systems that are increasingly expensive and complex to manage. 

Ready for a multi-cloud world?

We are thrilled to announce that customers can now deploy the latest version (v.2022.10) of Okta Access Gateway on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With this release, Okta is even more uniquely positioned to support the evolving hybrid and multi cloud requirements of the world’s largest organizations and an identity provider that can truly bridge on-prem across all major virtualization and cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), VMware vSphere, and Nutanix AHV. Learn more about how to deploy Okta Access Gateway on GCP here

Okta Access Gateway

In addition to expanding our support for more cloud platforms, we are continuing to improve the day-to-day operations of Okta Access Gateway.

  • Earlier this year, we enabled Okta Access Gateway administrators to use Prometheus and Open Telemetry to monitor the health of Okta Access Gateway instances in real time, allowing them to examine a comprehensive set of human readable metrics in open metrics format (e.g., cluster, disk, CPU, I/O, and networking). The metrics monitoring capability was an addition to our existing status monitoring and REST API monitoring capabilities. Learn how to implement metrics monitoring here
  • Okta Access Gateway can also act as a load balancer for protected web resources since March 2022. Okta Access Gateway administrators can now enable load balancing by application directly in the Admin UI console and are no longer required to use external load-balancing products. Learn more about Okta Access Gateway load balancing here.

Looking ahead

We will continue making product enhancements to help customers scale their hybrid IT operations with Okta Access Gateway by introducing apps API, which will allow customers to bulk migrate apps from legacy WAM systems to Okta Access Gateway and promote Okta Access Gateway from development to production environment by being able to clone configurations. Stay tuned for this and other upcoming Okta Access Gateway features. 

Start exploring Okta Access Gateway today

Start exploring Okta Access Gateway to modernize access to your on-prem apps and move off of your expensive and complex legacy WAM systems today! For more information, please visit the Okta Access Gateway product page.