Oktane22: Identity Belongs to You

Today we’re bringing you our tenth Oktane, gathering customers, developers, and partners around the globe to share the latest in identity — and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the milestone of ten years of Oktane back home in San Francisco. While we’ve grown and changed tremendously since our first Oktane, our broader aim of connecting people and technology remains unchanged. As the key to choice and freedom, identity remains the heart of technology and the most strategic decision an organization can make.

Our vision is to free everyone to safely use any technology, and we’re anchored in our bigger-picture purpose to ensure identity belongs to you. When identity belongs to you and everyone in your organization, it’s the catalyst to grow your business, achieve your goals, and protect your workforce and customer base. This is the purpose of our tenth Oktane: outlining our vision and solutions that put the power of identity in your hands — and it starts with the unveiling of our two clouds. Let’s get introduced.

Meet the Workforce Identity Cloud and the Customer Identity Cloud

Today at Oktane we’re bringing broad ambition and clear focus to identity with the launch of the Workforce Identity Cloud and the Customer Identity Cloud. These clouds are purpose-built for our distinct use cases with focused R&D teams driving innovation velocity. 

The Workforce Identity Cloud powers identity for all employee, business partner, and contractor use cases and understands that people are at the heart of an organization's success. At Oktane, we’re announcing a series of enhancements to the Workforce Identity Cloud to ensure every kind of worker can safely access the technology they need to succeed. Learn about each announcement:

The Customer Identity Cloud is the Auth0 technology and is the enabler of incredible digital experiences across consumer and SaaS applications, powered by a solution developers love. Our approach to customer identity centers on developers and freeing them up to innovate and build, and at Oktane we’re extending what the Customer Identity Cloud can do. Read about what’s new:

While these clouds are powerful on their own, they’re even stronger together and having two clouds within one Okta opens the door to even more customer benefits. Beyond our commitment to reliability and security applying to both clouds, as one company, we can offer a joint vision and roadmap along with a single sales team and set of support offerings for both use cases. Identity is complex, and customers need a trusted partner to navigate this complexity across their workforce and customer identity use cases. 

The Okta Identity Platform: A Vision of Interoperability

Our two clouds help us go farther and faster in solving every identity use case for our two distinct customer audiences. But what really multiplies these two clouds’ power to help you do more with identity is what sits underneath them: the Okta Identity Platform. The Okta Identity Platform is the interoperability layer between the clouds where we can help our customers solve security, automation, and integration challenges through platform services like Workflows and Risk Signals that can span workforce or customer use cases. We’re continuing to find new ways to deliver more value for our customers by building platform-level capabilities that can be adopted across our clouds, opening new doors for what identity can do.

Beyond platform services, we also have a broad vision for the Okta Integration Network (OIN) that supercharges what our two clouds can offer the SaaS ecosystem as a whole. Using the Customer Identity Cloud, we can democratize access for SaaS builders to the latest and greatest identity capabilities, opening the door for more and more innovation and giving those SaaS apps a streamlined way to reach new customers through the OIN. Those new innovations in the OIN will integrate easily with workforce customers who want to adopt the most secure technologies for their businesses — all of it working right out of the box. Only an independent and neutral identity platform with a Workforce Identity Cloud and a Customer Identity Cloud can make this happen.

Think of how quickly we can move the SaaS ecosystem towards a future of identity-powered Zero Trust with SaaS builders building identity the right way and getting massive adoption through the OIN. As the natural bridge between technology creators and technology adopters, the OIN can move the industry forward by lowering the bar for innovators to build securely and making it seamless for workforce customers to adopt. 

Innovators are always pushing technology forward, and we’re eager to help them. Learn more about the Okta Identity Platform announcements we’re making at Oktane22.  

Over the past 10 years, Okta has focused on harnessing the power of technology to make everyone successful with identity. We accomplish this through our two clouds, and over the next 10 years, we can revolutionize the SaaS ecosystem. This is how we get closer to achieving our vision of freeing everyone to safely use any technology and building a world where identity belongs to you.

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