How BeyondID closes digital gaps with Okta connectors

BeyondID is a leading managed Identity services provider specializing in Identity and Access Management (IAM), cybersecurity, and cloud migration.

Their team of Okta Certified experts has vast real-world experience helping everyone from fast-growing startups to Fortune 1000 enterprises discover, migrate, integrate, and manage Identity solutions. Some of the most frequent engagements include:

  • Comprehensive Identity strategy
  • Convenient and secure authentication
  • Effective migrations and integrations

To help organizations modernize their Identity infrastructures and achieve their digital transformation goals, BeyondID frequently makes use of Okta connectors — a collection of API endpoints and data manipulation functions sequenced as flows.

Here are four examples of how BeyondID uses Okta connectors to:

  • Centralize Identity management, within Okta, for third-party solutions
  • Reduce administrative workloads through automation
  • Improve security and privacy controls
  • Increase the scalability and agility of critical business systems

Healthcare: Epic CRM connector

Healthcare organizations must maintain a high standard of patient care while continually updating their processes to accommodate and benefit from ongoing digitalization that’s transforming the industry as a whole.

For many, Epic CRM is a key business system, enabling them to keep a record of all relationships with suppliers, customers, and other clients. However, healthcare organizations face some common challenges, including:

  • A complex and dynamic workforce, which creates an ongoing workload for IT and HR teams responsible for managing access controls (e.g., onboarding and offboarding users, updating user roles as jobs change, etc.).
  • Manually creating, updating, and deleting electronic health records in Epic — and making sure those changes are reflected everywhere — can slow down processes and introduce errors.

To address these issues, BeyondID created the Epic Provisioning Connector, which:

  • Gives IT admins the ability to centrally manage user accounts by bringing together Identity stores and user management controls in a seamless workflow, with account changes (e.g., provisioning, deprovisioning, updates, etc.) automatically reflected everywhere
  • Ensures authorized healthcare providers and support staff have access to electronic health records (EHRs) in Epic whenever they need it
  • Protects sensitive patient information by applying Okta MFA to EHR access, for added security and regulatory compliance

→ Learn more about the BeyondID Epic Provisioning Connector

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Financial services: Q2 connector

Rising customer experience (CX) expectations are impacting practically every industry — but financial services (finserv) organizations, especially, face pressure to deliver a great CX or risk losing customers to competitors.

Many banks, credit unions, and other finserv organizations rely on Q2 to create end-to-end banking and lending experiences, including customized user interfaces. However, implementing access management within Q2 can be a tedious and laborious task that, if done poorly, can cause or contribute to a range of problems — including mismatched access privileges, poor customer experiences, and even data breaches.

BeyondID’s Q2 connector brings the capabilities of the Okta Customer Identity Cloud to Q2, to:

  • Provide a positive customer experience with simplified registration, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Lower workloads for admins, with account changes made in Okta or in a human resources information system (HRIS) connected to Okta automatically reflected in Q2
  • Reduce the risk of a breach, through powerful threat prevention and detection features

Retail/e-commerce: Shopify connector

Online retailers and e-commerce companies frequently grapple with cascading challenges relating to customer lifecycle management. For example:

  • They often don’t have a centralized way to manage customer accounts, which makes it harder to track and engage customers.
  • The lack of centralized management contributes to difficulties capturing customer insights and improving engagement. 
  • The shortage of insights undermines efforts to improve customer experiences and build loyalty.

To simplify a range of customer lifecycle management activities and enable follow-on functions for retailers, BeyondID created a connector that seamlessly links the Shopify e-commerce platform with the Okta Customer Identity Cloud.

With the BeyondID Shopify connector, online retailers can:

  • Automate account activation, deactivation, or changes, with updates synchronized between Okta and Shopify
  • Gain better customer insights and increase engagement, with the ability to precisely manage customer accounts and data
  • Increase customer satisfaction through secure and convenient authentication and account management


All industries: SAP connector

SAP provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses manage many aspects of their operations — from finance and HR to supply chain and customer relationship management and more. 

But to fully benefit from the potential of the SAP environment, businesses need seamless integration with other SAP systems (e.g., ECC, BW, CRM, etc.) to, for example, provision and deprovision users and to synchronize data across systems in near real time.

However, SAP is complex to implement and customize, making it difficult to integrate with other applications.

To help businesses get the most out of their SAP deployment, the BeyondID SAP connector tightly links SAP to the Okta Workforce Identity Cloud to:

  • Ensure the right people have the right level of access to the right information
  • Automate account activation, deactivation, or changes as needed, with updates synced across Okta and SAP
  • Allow other business systems to access SAP data in near real time
  • Enable admins to seamlessly manage user roles in and out of SAP, for consistency and accuracy

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To learn more about BeyondID and Okta connectors, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact us to get in touch.