Recognizing trailblazers: Introducing The Identity 25 by Okta Ventures

In today’s digital age, when Identity lies at the core of every online interaction, the need for secure, scalable Identity management solutions has never been more pronounced. Enter The Identity 25, an initiative unveiled by Okta Ventures, the venture investment arm of Okta, a premier provider of Identity and Access Management solutions. This initiative celebrates the pioneers who are reshaping the landscape of digital Identity.

The inaugural release of The Identity 25 is a testament to these innovators’ relentless dedication to building simpler, more secure Identity-centric technologies. These visionaries are the driving force behind advancements that enhance security and privacy and pave the way toward a safer, more inclusive digital world. 



The distinguished honorees featured in this year's Identity 25 list represent diverse talents and expertise. From academics to entrepreneurs, activists to public servants, each individual plays a crucial role in shaping the future of digital Identity. Their contributions span various domains, including policy advocacy, technological innovation, standard-setting, and educational outreach.

Among the esteemed honorees are luminaries such as Solomon Adote, chief security officer of the State of Delaware; Marie Austenaa, head of digital Identity at Visa; and Dick Hardt, founder and CEO of Hellō. These remarkable individuals, alongside their peers, have made significant strides in combating Identity theft, championing individual rights, and spearheading technological advancements that redefine the digital landscape.



Sarah Cecchetti, head of product at Cedar Policy Language within AWS, reflects on the profound impact of her colleagues, stating, "The folks on this list have made a resounding impact in people's daily experience of privacy, safety, and Identity." 

Indeed, the collective efforts of these luminaries resonate far beyond the realms of technology, shaping the very fabric of our digital society. As we confront the evolving challenges of an increasingly complex digital world, the contributions of The Identity 25 honorees become all the more vital. From combating AI-enabled fraudsters to navigating the intricacies of interoperable digital standards, these innovators are at the forefront of safeguarding our digital future.



Through The Identity 25, Okta Ventures pays homage to these individuals’ remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment. By sharing their stories and accomplishments, we hope to inspire the next generation of leaders to push the boundaries of innovation and redefine the possibilities of digital Identity.

To explore the full Identity 25 report and discover more about the achievements of these remarkable individuals, visit If you are interested in nominating a future Identity 25 lister or being on the Selection Panel for 2025, please drop a note to [email protected].