The Identity 25

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Okta’s annual look at the top movers  and shakers in the Identity world

Organizations are grappling with new challenges: fluid global workforces operating across multiple time zones, AI-enabled fraudsters, deepfakes, and a plethora of new devices creating an ever-expanding attack surface. The struggle to implement Identity solutions to safeguard access — to equip workers and customers with the digital tools they need, while protecting enterprise assets and customer data from relentless cybercriminals — seems to grow more difficult each year.

Modern digital life is only possible thanks to Identity innovators, who’ve been working diligently, sometimes for decades, to create reliable technologies, standards, regulations, and practical solutions to secure this expanding new frontier. The Okta Identity 25 was created specifically to honor the incredible contributions of these Identity innovators


Watch now: Identity 25 - 2024 Listee - Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO and Founder of Credly

Watch now: Identity 25 - 2024 Listee - Sarah Cecchetti, Head of Product, Cedar Policy Language, AWS