Actions Templates to power extensibility with Okta CIC Powered by Auth0

Anyone who has attempted to build an Identity solution from scratch is familiar with the perils of taking their login box a step further.

From accommodating third-party integrations to implementing UX that doesn't scare consumers away from completing their purchases, getting Identity right for your customers doesn’t stop at creating a sign-up page.

So what are Actions?

To make a big impact in your applications with little to no code, Okta Customer Identity Cloud has built a framework, Actions, that lets you customize the authentication pipeline to help technical practitioners get the most out of their Identity solutions with less technical investment.

Actions makes it possible to add your own logic at different points in the Auth0 platform, specifically:

  • Login
  • Machine to machine
  • Pre user registration
  • Post user registration
  • Post change password
  • Send phone message
  • Password reset / post-challenge

Actions are written in Javascript and don’t require any downloads to get started. 

They’re versioned, in-platform code snippets with over two million npm modules to create any custom logic you’d like to implement along the way. 

Actions templates: Get to market faster

For common Identity use cases, Actions templates are available to kickstart your understanding of both the framework and get your application production-ready. They are categorized by:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA): From requiring MFA, to creating your own adaptive MFA program, MFA templates can help you build your security posture. 
  • Enrich profile: With Okta CIC as your central user profile, build a personalization program and connect to vital sales and marketing integrations.
  • Access control: Add another layer of security by using roles and permissions and limiting certain areas of your application to a select group of users.

Best practices are built into Actions and are showcased with Actions templates. These templates enable you to write safe, efficient code and get to market fast.

To see how our templates work, check out our implementation guides: