Ready to deliver better customer experiences? No-code Identity orchestration is your answer

Call it an ace in the hole, a linchpin, or the “secret sauce,” but that’s what extensibility is. It’s the key to ensuring adaptability and scalability in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Today, we’re excited to share the latest innovation for the Customer Identity Cloud Actions platform: Forms for Actions. We designed this new no-code visual editor with developers and business teams in mind, offering deep flexibility to meet their needs.

With Forms for Actions, companies can easily deliver streamlined customer experiences while reducing costs and time to market. This powerful feature unlocks a multitude of possibilities for digital and marketing teams looking to gather customer data without overwhelming or frustrating their customers. And for developers and user experience (UX) teams, it’s easier than ever to build Identity flows tailored to their company’s unique needs. 

Extensibility is part of Okta’s DNA

When we think about a customer's total solution, it's more than just the product out of the box. We understand that various use cases and customizations require extending an Identity solution. That's why we offer Actions, Auth0 Marketplace, and now Forms for Actions, enabling you to customize according to your needs and leverage the full spectrum of solutions with pro- or no-code. 

We've been listening closely to our customers, and we’ve learned that they expect out-of-the-box foundations to be built into their orchestration solution. A quick-fix tool that helps with one piece of the puzzle doesn’t help deliver successful business outcomes.That’s why Okta aims to provide a powerful solution that makes orchestration a breeze, scales across your business, requires simple maintenance, and is secure at every step. 

Where we’ve seen success with Forms for Actions 

Forms for Actions unlocks use cases that help drive revenue (like boosting conversion rates) and keep authentication secure at every step. 

  • Progressive profiling: Enhance user data collection, leading to improved targeting, personalization, and decision-making.
  • Custom policies acceptance: Enhance compliance with updated policies, fostering trust and reducing legal risks.
  • Custom signup or login steps: Extend and customize flows with additional steps and custom logic to streamline onboarding processes, enhance security, and improve user experience, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

With templates to get started, debugger mode, and a drag-and-drop UI, Forms for Actions makes it easy and quick to orchestrate, customize, and secure login flows. 


Screenshot 1


Easily enrich customer profiles with CIAM

With marketing in the hot seat to drive conversion rates and boost revenue, the demand for innovative strategies and measurable results has never been higher. Additionally, only 35% of companies feel they’re successfully achieving omnichannel personalization — something we know is key for businesses to provide tailored experiences.

Forms for Actions is a game-changer for digital and marketing teams, as it streamlines customer data collection and seamlessly integrates it into your MarTech stack, all without overburdening your limited developer resources. Overall, Forms for Actions helps enrich customer profiles, providing a more complete profile of your customers and their preferences and improving conversion rates with less friction at signup and login.


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Learn how Forms for Actions can unlock success for your organization

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