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Workforce Identity Cloud: Roadmap and Feature Releases

Workforce Identity Cloud: Roadmap and Feature Releases

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Actions, our extensibility product, offers you endless customization of our Identity platform.


With both a low-code and pro-code offering, Actions allows you to solve complex Identity problems. It features a drag-and-drop flow editor, code editor, drafting and version control, and enhanced testing and debugging capabilities — in addition to 2,000,000 npm modules.


Actions offer the same power as Rules and Hooks, but with additional features to simplify and streamline the development experience.

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Actions Integrations

Actions Integrations are low and no-code, drag-and-drop integrations. Created and maintained by our Marketplace partners, Actions Integrations allow you to easily extend your Identity solution without creating or updating custom code.

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Our Marketplace helps developers quickly find and add low-maintenance Actions Integrations for their applications and APIs to cover a variety of Identity use cases. Identity proofing, log streaming, CDPs, and consent management are just a few of the many Actions Integrations available on Marketplace.

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