Okta launches Okta Verify for Apple Vision Pro 

Apple Vision Pro users now have quick and secure passwordless access to their business apps. Okta Verify for Apple Vision ProTM is available now.


Beautiful design, incredible engineering, and a crisp user experience. They’re the hallmarks of every Apple product — and Apple Vision Pro is no exception. 

As Apple’s most high-profile new product launch for some years, Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, released earlier this year, introduced Apple’s concept of “spatial computing,” using augmented reality to display floating windows and content over the user’s immediate surrounding environment. 

Apple Vision Pro at work: A productivity powerhouse

Apple Vision Pro has a huge range of potential uses. But it’s in business that Apple Vision Pro is gaining real traction. In fact, more than 50 Fortune 100 organizations have purchased the new product. Apple Vision Pro’s killer feature is workplace productivity: How many windows do you have open right now? How many external monitors do you use at your desk? Imagine if all of those screens and windows could be placed in a virtual floating workspace with the ability to visualize when designing a new product.

Okta Verify for Apple Vision Pro

As with any device, security and Identity are business-critical, and that’s no different for Apple Vision Pro. Okta is delighted to announce Okta Verify for Apple Vision Pro. Okta Verify is a fully native app that lets Apple Vision Pro enterprise users quickly and easily verify their identities and log in to their Okta-supported apps running on Apple Vision Pro.

Okta Verify uses Apple Vision Pro’s advanced biometric iris scanner — called Optic ID — to confirm a user’s identity. 

Identity provider integration with Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro will be able to leverage all the great Okta features through the native integration, with benefits such as:

  • Single sign-on and multi-factor authentication support for Apple Vision Pro: Okta Verify lets system admins deploy single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Apple Vision Pro users. 
  • Enterprise-grade Identity management: Okta’s support for Managed Apple IDs means enterprises can easily manage Apple Vision Pro devices and user permissions. This is powered by the SSO and SCIM integration between Okta and Apple Business Manager. From a security standpoint, Okta provides continuous context evaluation of the user & device through Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol (CAEP) of the Shared Signals Framework (SSF).
  • Identity Threat Protection with Okta AI provides Universal Logout from critical business apps on Apple Vision Pro when Okta detects a threat.

A vision of spatial computing’s future

The computing power and potential of Apple Vision Pro are only just beginning to be explored, and here at Okta, we’re excited to play a role in the future of spatial computing and the transformational advantages it offers enterprises everywhere. Identity drives secure experiences, making Okta’s partnership with Apple central to the continued growth of this exciting new sector. 

Apps like Okta Verify are essential to the success of Apple Vision Pro in the enterprise market, helping users quickly and easily log in to their organization’s major applications — all through Apple Vision Pro’s innovative Optic ID iris scanner. 

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