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Matias Brutti

Director of Research & Exploitation

Matias Brutti is a Father, Husband, Hacker, Researcher, Entrepreneur, and more. Currently at Okta he is the Director of Research & Exploitation. He brings his hardcore Argentinean love of hacking and applies it with a smooth hand. A man of class, when he’s not using his intimidating mental prowess on the job, he likes to kick back with some Ghost in the Shell, a nice Malbec, and a good Argentinian asado or Japanese sushi. At Okta, Matias leads the REX organization that contains the Offensive Security Team, the AppSec Team, Security Automation and Research. Not to toot his own horn, but he’s also been a featured speaker at such prestigious events, such as Microsoft’s Bluehat Security Breifings, Baythreat, Toorcon Seattle, EkoParty, Oktane, Hackito Ergo Sum and various BSides conferences, among others.

Vulnerability Disclosure at Okta: Everything You Need to Know

Protecting our customers, partners, and other stakeholders has always been the Okta Security Team’s top priority . We have invested heavily in our security infrastructure in support of this mission, building a top-of-class internal application, and instituting both offensive and defensive security teams.

But with every endeavor, it’s...