Uno team joins Okta to accelerate Okta Personal

Today, we’re excited to announce that the team behind Uno, a leading design-centric consumer password manager, is joining Okta to accelerate our rollout of Okta Personal to help achieve our vision of delivering a world-class personal Identity product that goes beyond today’s consumer password managers. 

What is Okta Personal? 

Okta Personal is our first consumer offering — a free password manager that allows users to securely store, save, and autofill passwords for all their personal apps, across multiple devices, to make digital living seamless and safe. In addition to meeting this important market need, the launch of Okta Personal strongly supports our mission of freeing everyone to safely use any technology. 

With Okta Personal, consumers can: 

  • Generate strong, unique passwords for all their apps, in one place, to ensure their online security is never compromised.
  • Save passwords as they go and seamlessly autofill credentials in both apps and browsers, to streamline the login process. 
  • Access any app, anywhere, by securely syncing across all devices, so that their login information is available whenever and wherever they need it. 
  • Easily share credentials for joint accounts and apps with those they trust, without having to ask friends and family for passwords.
  • Switch seamlessly between their work and personal accounts.

Okta Personal has the same look and feel as the Okta users know and love for work, backed by our enterprise-grade security — all sensitive user data is encrypted and never shared with employers or third parties. Consumers can sign up today to experience how Okta Personal makes digital security easier than ever.

Why is Uno joining Okta? 

The Uno team has deep experience building consumer-first, design-focused and easy-to-use password management and personal identity technologies. The addition of Uno’s talent and expertise in security, identity and AI allows us to accelerate the rollout of Okta Personal.

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