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With Okta and Acuant working together, end users are empowered with real-time document image capture, authentication and facial recognition matching technology to verify their identities during online transactions – in pre-registration or post-registration workflows. Use cases include fraud prevention, privileged access, and proof of membership in a particular demographic, including age proofing. Acuant’s document-identity proofing solution includes image processing: it accepts an image via API, analyzes it, and returns a result. It also includes an SDK/API that is used to capture an image from a smart phone.

The Challenge

  • Consumers roam sites anonymously, or sign in with invented names
  • Authenticating individual visitors is simultaneously risky and cumbersome
  • Abandonment rates are high, costing your enterprise precious leads

The Solution

Mobile Device Lifecycle Automation

Users verify their identity with common documents, like a driver’s license

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IT safely automates workflows that require user documentation

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Enterprises minimize the risk of identity breach and leaks of sensitive information

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Take charge of fraud prevention

Confidently enable customer self-service registration to execute sensitive online transactions

  • Example: Let end-users open a credit line with an online bank or retailer

Securely award enhanced access

Control differential access to sensitive information for approved and verified groups using document-based identity proofing—and, optionally, a high-res mobile photo

  • Example: Grant retail managers access to higher-level data, like employee schedules and progress reports, while restricting it from the employees themselves

Enable proof-of-membership in an age group or demographic

Give customers the ability to confidently segment users by specific traits, including age or other demographics

  • Example: Allow online retailers to grant discounts to military veterans or college students
  • Example: Enable concerts to allow access only to people over 21

Empower end users to securely verify their identity with minimal inconvenience, to move them quickly toward productive action

  • Enable self-verification with mobile phones plus documents end-users already own
  • Provide accurate scans that deliver data to the app, to verify
  • Bring end-users quickly to the materials they’re authorized to access
  • Reduce the incidence of fraud and the high cost of user abandonment