Last updated: Mar 11, 2024

OKTA API Connector


Create, update, list, and delete users, add users to groups, assign users to apps, and make custom calls to the Okta API using the Okta connector hosted on Okta Workflows.


Add this integration to enable authentication and provisioning capabilities.



Add this application connector to your Okta Workflows, a no-code interface-driven platform for creating custom workflows using a library of integrated third-party applications and functions. Sequence action events together to automate identity-centric business processes.

OKTA API Connector Connector actions
A wide range of connectors from different apps can be linked to create automated Workflows.

  • Assign User to Application for SSO And Provisioning
  • Custom API Action
  • List Applications Assigned to Group
  • Read Group Rule
  • Clear User Sessions
  • Remove Group from Application
  • Search Groups
  • Delete Group
  • Update Application Credentials for Assigned User
  • Update User
  • Create User
  • Suspend User
  • Deactivate Application
  • Search System Logs
  • Remove User from Group
  • Find Users
  • Read Group
  • Bulk User Import
  • Update Group
  • Remove User from Application
  • Deactivate Group Rule
  • Delete Application
  • Trigger Import Session
  • Delete Group Rule
  • List Users with Filter
  • Create Group Rule
  • Read User
  • Assign Group to Application
  • Create an Import Session
  • List Groups Assigned to Application
  • Get Primary Linked Object Value
  • Create Group
  • List Import Sessions
  • Reset Password
  • Delete User
  • Deactivate User
  • Delete Import Session
  • Get Assigned User for Application
  • Read Application
  • Read Import Session
  • Activate User
  • Map Profile Source Attributes
  • Search Applications
  • Activate Group Rule
  • List Users with Search
  • List Applications Assigned to User
  • Activate Application
  • Read Assigned Group for Application
  • Search Group Rules
  • Unsuspend User
  • Update Application Profile for Assigned User
  • List Users Assigned to Application
  • Get Users Groups
  • List Group Members
  • Set Linked Object Value for Primary
  • Add User to Group
  • Get Associated Linked Object Values
  • Delete Linked Object Value
  • Update Group Rule
  • Assign User to Application for SSO
Okta connector


Okta connector
Okta Verified
Okta Verified
The integration was either created by Okta or by Okta community users and then tested and verified by Okta.

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