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Stop automated bot attacks on your web and mobile applications. PerimeterX Bot Defender integrates with the Okta Risk Ecosystem API to help stop automated attacks on websites. With this integration, Okta can consume rich risk data in realtime from Bot Defender and prevent credential stuffing and account takeover attacks.

The Challenge

Your customers reuse passwords across multiple accounts and apps.

With over 15 billion compromised credentials out in the wild, bots are constantly targeting your login pages.

Successful account takeover attacks results in fraudulent transactions and PII exposure, increasing costs for your business.

The Solution

PerimeterX integrates with Okta to eliminate bots from your authentication and account registration flows.

Okta ingests risk signals from PerimeterX Bot Defender to further enhance bot detection and reduce the risk of account takeover attacks. The cloud-native Bot Defender combines intelligent fingerprinting, behavioral signals and predictive analysis to detect bots and report them using the Okta Risk Engine API.

The DevOps-friendly integration deploys easily through the Okta sign-in page and can be operational within minutes.


  • Stop automated bot attacks without impacting customer experience
  • Enforce enhanced security policies by leveraging rich risk data from Bot Defender
  • Reduce fraud by preventing credential stuffing, account takeover and fake account creation