Okta + PerimeterX

Prevent account takeover from credential stuffing and other bot-based attacks that threaten your business and your brand.

The Challenge

  • Bots attack your sites and apps tirelessly, trying to set up fake accounts and take over existing ones
  • End users often leverage passwords across multiple accounts and apps, making their accounts vulnerable to attacks like credential stuffing
  • Keeping the enterprise secure while fending off increasingly sophisticated bot attacks is a growing challenge for security teams

The Solution

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Okta integrates with PerimeterX Bot Defender to keep the bots at bay and secure the access legitimate end users need.

Enable workforce productivity

Advanced analytical detection methods prevent automated attacks from threatening your apps and assets, while secure authentication safely passes through legitimate users with a seamless experience.

Accelerate development

The DevOps-friendly integration deploys easily through the Okta sign-in page and can be operational in minutes.

Mitigate bot attacks with an ever-evolving solution powered by advanced algorithms and analytics

Stay ahead of rapidly evolving bot attacks with Okta’s strong identity, PerimeterX’s proprietary algorithmic modeling, and a team of security analysts focused on proactively detecting anomalies. The flexible solution architecture is compatible with a wide range of customer infrastructure, including cloud-services, middleware, load balancers, and CDN solutions, and adapts as those infrastructures change over time.


Deploy a customer-centric solution quickly and confidently, backed by top-notch support

PerimeterX works with Okta to preserve the simple, secure login experience Okta customers know and love. For end users, the process is invisible, even as it blocks malevolent bots from entering enterprise systems. For IT teams, solution engineering and support teams are available from configuration and deployment right through to ongoing operation, to shorten time to market and ensure success.


Perimeterx and Okta.


Defeat attacking bots, and thwart their ability to breach the gate, without negatively impacting customer experience

  • Quickly deploy a strong identity solution that deflects bots before they can wreak havoc
  • Reduce fraud by mitigating credential stuffing, account takeover, and fake account creation
  • Keep your end users safe, happy, and connected to your sites and apps, with an easy and secure authentication experience powered by Okta