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Okta and Securonix work together to combat enterprise security threats in real time. Okta provides rich contextual data including user location, time, device, and number of authentication attempts. Securonix monitors the data for threats like suspicious login locations, signs of brute force attacks or credential sharing, and account compromise, and uses advanced security analytics and machine learning to develop risk scores of user behavior. When an elevated risk score indicates an addressable threat, Securonix can trigger a remediation workflow through Okta that provides policy-based containment actions like suspending the user account, killing the session, or requiring step-up multi-factor authentication (MFA).

The Challenge

  • Cyber attacks, usually involving compromised user credentials, are increasing in frequency and sophistication
  • Manually monitoring and analyzing security data to protect apps and data from breaches is challenging in a complex IT environment
  • Companies need enterprise tools capable of closely monitoring user activity, quickly identifying suspicious behavior, and immediately responding to threats before they spread

The Solution

  • Gain deep, contextual insights into all user activity across your network
  • Quickly identify suspicious users and compromised accounts with alerts from integrated advanced analytics
  • Automate policy-based actions to contain and remediate suspicious or unauthorized activity as soon as it arises

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