Last updated: May 01, 2019


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Add this integration to enable authentication and provisioning capabilities.



Add this application connector to your Okta Workflows, a no-code interface-driven platform for creating custom workflows using a library of integrated third-party applications and functions. Sequence action events together to automate identity-centric business processes.

Smartsheet Connector actions
A wide range of connectors from different apps can be linked to create automated Workflows.

  • Delete Rows
  • Read Row
  • Update Rows
  • Build Row Object
  • Custom API Action
  • Remove User from Group
  • Add User to Organization
  • Read User
  • Add Row
  • Comment on Row
  • Read Group
  • Search Users
  • Update Row
  • Update User
  • Move Row
  • Send Row
  • Remove User from Organization
  • Add User to Group
  • List Groups
  • Copy Row
  • Add Rows
  • Read Row by Number
Smartsheet connector


Smartsheet connector
Okta Verified
Okta Verified
The integration was either created by Okta or by Okta community users and then tested and verified by Okta.

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