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Ultimate Software’s UltiPro® cloud HR, payroll, and talent solutions help organizations improve the employee experience, from personalized recruiting and onboarding that foster long-term relationships to convenient, role-based access to pay, benefits, and career development information. With UltiPro, companies can rapidly process payroll; manage employee requests with HR service delivery; leverage flexible time solutions; offer a modern approach to learning; facilitate productive performance, succession, and compensation management; and measure employee sentiment through advanced surveys powered by Xander®, Ultimate’s portfolio of “People First” artificial intelligence technologies. Most importantly, UltiPro is supported by powerful business intelligence to help organizations drive smarter, people-focused results.

The Challenge

HR Information Systems (HRIS) like UltiPro are often an enterprise’s system of record. HR must share employee data back and forth with IT to enable the creation of user accounts, provision applications, set permissions, and deactivate users who leave the company. This data transfer is often done through email and other manual means, which is both inefficient and risky. And as more and more apps and directories migrate to the cloud, HR and IT need a more efficient and less risky system for communicating and processing employee data.

  • Inefficient communication: Transferring data via file extracts, phone, or email attachments wastes hours and adds friction
  • Risky employee departures: On average, it takes two days for enterprises to fully deprovision a departing employee
  • Unproductive users: Employees waste time waiting to be provisioned to apps or for permissions updates

The Solution

The pre-built UltiPro integration with Okta vastly simplifies and automates HR-IT communication, reducing friction and automating and streamlining common lifecycle management processes. Employees’ data and profile updates in UltiPro propagate across IT systems, including Active Directory, SaaS and on-premises applications, informing the entire user lifecycle from onboarding through offboarding.