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Zylo is the leading SaaS management platform, built for the enterprise. Through your Zylo-Powered SaaS System of Record, access complete visibility into your organization's cloud-based spend.

Your Zylo-Powered System of Record includes:
- Discovery of each cloud-based application spend
- Category and function of each application
- Contact information of all SaaS buyers
- Utilization insights of each application
- Renewal calendar

Equipt with your Zylo-powered insights, our experienced enterprise support team will help you contain costs, eliminate shadow IT, optimize SaaS licensing, enter informed renewal negotiations, build IT collaboration, secure all SaaS applications, drive disruptive innovation, prepare for growth, and more.

The Challenge

  • As the cloud revolution continues to explode, organizations are moving away from on-prem software solutions
  • IT is no longer the only department within an organization purchasing cloud software
  • IT struggles to see a single view of all software use across the enterprise
  • Decentralization of cloud software leads to increased security risks, application proliferation, licensing waste, lack of governance, and an overall unknown value of software

The Solution

Together Okta and Zylo create a system of record for cloud-based software, giving an organization complete visibility into its SaaS application usage. Together, Okta and Zylo enable an organization to:

  • Compare the spend on each application against usage data
  • Identify underutilized licenses to redeploy
  • Drive ROI of the most under-utilized apps via enablement and training
  • Identify applications that could benefit from Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security