How Identity can Integrate Office 365 with HR and Security Systems

For 100 years, Nexteer Automotive has embraced technology advancements and innovations. And they haven’t slowed down in the era of digital transformation.

While modernizing IT led to automation and productivity gains , it also increased their attack surface when cyber threats are all too common. Legacy infrastructure, on-prem apps, and adoption of cloud apps, produced a multitude of end-user entry points. 

Hear CISO Arun DeSouza from Nexteer discuss how they use identity management to connect disparate systems and applications and used identity management to:

  •  Reduce reliance on servers and complex architecture requirements of AD FS and MIM while deploying O365 with Azure AD.
  • Improve user lifecycle management by provisioning employees into all on-prem and cloud apps using HR-as-a-Master.
  • Integrate identity with network security infrastructure to reduce breaches and gain immediate visibility to when and where threats take place.


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