Nonprofit Technology Initiative January 2021 Funding Rounds

Announcing $1M+ Funding Round
Applications now closed

Okta for Good launched our $10M, three-year philanthropy commitment and Nonprofit Technology Initiative in 2020 to accelerate our investments in technology infrastructure. As a part of our commitment to equity in our social impact work, we are democratizing access to our philanthropy moving forward and encourage you to apply. 

We currently have two grant streams open which will see us commit $1M+ in multiyear funding (more details below). All interested applicants must submit the application below by January 22, 2021. We will inform all applicants within eight weeks of the application close date. Grants will be administered through the Okta for Good Fund, a donor-advised fund of Tides Foundation and follow relevant donor-advised fund procedures.

Stream #1: Ecosystems and capacity building

In this time of change, we believe that digital infrastructure can drive exponential growth and impact, helping to solve some of our largest social challenges. We support capacity building, solutions that span across organizations, and collaborations around technology. Our work encompasses five areas:


Changing the conversation among nonprofit leaders, funders, and technology partners on how we enable and support nonprofits with tech.

Digital Transformation

Enabling nonprofits to reach beneficiaries and stakeholders digitally at scale.


Growing and strengthening the ecosystems, coalitions, and partnerships that enable nonprofit tech.


Accelerating the nonprofit sector’s move to the cloud.


Protecting the critical data and vulnerable identities that nonprofits hold

Each grantee is eligible to receive multi-year funding from $25,000 USD to $400,000 USD.  Past philanthropic investments include TechSoup, NetHope and Benetech. Learn more in our FAQ.

Stream #2: Nonprofit technology fellowship

We seek to amplify the voices of thought leaders who are building the future of technology, innovation, and social impact. Okta is dedicated to a future in which all nonprofits are as powerful as their missions. Our Nonprofit Technology Fellows will help further our thinking in one of the following areas:


Productively contributing to conversations among nonprofit leaders, funders, and technology partners about how we collaboratively advance the social sector through technology.

Digital transformation

Productively contributing to conversations among nonprofit leaders, funders, and technology partners about how we collaboratively advance the social sector through technology.


Helping nonprofits take full advantage of cloud computing.


Growing and strengthening the ecosystems, coalitions, and partnerships that enable impact through technology.


Protecting critical data and vulnerable identities that nonprofits hold.

Racial justice + equity

Exploring the intersection of diversity, equity, inclusion, and technology.

Each Fellow (via their affiliated nonprofit organization) will be awarded a $25,000 grant to advance Tech for Good thought leadership in the above issue areas by producing content (two original articles and one webinar/conference session) and amplifying new ideas. The duration of the fellowship is six months and all applicants must be employed by a nonprofit organization in areas where Okta operates. We are searching for diverse perspectives to represent the following: ethnicity, race, gender, physical ability, and geography.

Okta will support the fellows during the six month program with thought partnership, networks to peers and publication channels, and professional communication coaching. Fellows will participate in three professional development sessions over six months.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must be nonprofit organizations in their country of operation. Okta currently operates across North America, Japan, Singapore and select parts of Europe  and other parts of the Globe (UK; Germany; France; Netherlands; Belgium; Sweden; Switzerland; Spain, Italy, UAE, South Africa and Israel). All applications must be submitted in English.

What does the process look like?

Our team will review all of the applications received and will short list a select group for further discussions. All applicants will be informed of the status of their applications eight weeks following the close of applications. Shortlisted applicants will enter the second stage of the process, where they will work closely with the Okta team. All applications are reviewed by internal Okta team members and external community experts.

When do I need to submit my application?

The first round of applications are open from January 4 to January 22, 2021 for Nonprofit Technology Initiative: Ecosystems & Capacity Building and the Nonprofit Technology Fellowship.

What is Okta’s selection criteria?

We invest in dynamic leaders and deep impact. Our evaluation spans across the breadth and depth of their impact and innovation, strong leadership teams and mission fit with Okta.

How many investments do you anticipate to make?
  • Nonprofit Technology Initiative: Ecosystems & Capacity Building. 5-10 organizations will be selected per round. 
  • Nonprofit Technology Fellowship. 6-8 Inaugural Fellows will be selected.
What do you fund/not fund?

Nonprofit Technology Initiative: Ecosystems & Capacity Building

  • We do not fund a nonprofit’s own technology roadmap.
  • We fund only nonprofits (for profits, government agencies are not eligible for funding).

Nonprofit Technology Fellowship

  • We fund nonprofit organizations who are willing to make contributions to nonprofit digital transformation field building by investing in key builders.
What else should I know about the Fellowship?
  • Fellows will meet during 3-6 professional growth sessions over the course of six months. 
  • Fellows will be required to complete a progress report three months into the fellowship. 
  • Organizations may submit only one Fellowship application.
Can I reach out to someone to discuss this further?

We are holding two open Q&A sessions on:

  • January 13, 2021 at 8am PST/11am EST/4pm GMT 
  • January 14, 2021 at 3pm PST/6pm EST  and January 15, 2021 at 10am AEDT

Sign up here.

How is granting managed at Okta?

Grants will be administered through the Okta for Good Fund, a donor-advised fund of Tides Foundation. Granting decisions are made independent of Okta’s commercial activities.

What do you mean by “capacity building”?

We know the importance of capacity building for nonprofits, and there is a great deal of opportunity for the philanthropic sector to do more in this space. Our approach for the Ecosystems & Capacity Building grant stream is focused on collaboration capacity that brings systemic transformation around technology use in the nonprofit sector. You can think of it as a “one organization to many organizations” model. As such, funding an individual organization’s technology roadmap is out of scope.

What do you mean by “technology roadmap”?

You should think of this as your organization’s plan for building and enhancing internal technology systems that help you run your organizations (i.e. fundraising CRM, financial reporting systems, office and collaboration tools, etc.). These capabilities are important but fall out of scope for this opportunity.

Can I apply for both streams?

Yes, organizations can apply to both funding streams.

Can our organization apply multiple times within the same stream?

Yes, if you feel that more than one of your projects or initiatives aligns with our stated priorities and should be considered, please feel free to submit more than once.

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