Okta + Salesforce

Quickly and securely deploy Salesforce Work.com across your organization with Okta Identity Cloud

The Challenge

  • Companies adapting to new ways of working need to build trust and resiliency with employees, customers, and communities by providing actionable insights to decision makers
  • Organizations are increasingly relying on partners, third parties, and contractors to address new challenges and opportunities, and these users need easy access to Work.com and other enterprise apps
  • For the first time, many organizations must now secure teams logging in from any location, any time and across any device without impeding productivity
  • IT teams, already stretched thin, need to automate provisioning so they can deploy new solutions quickly and securely into the hands of appropriate end users

The Solution

Okta’s cloud-based identity and lifecycle management tools help organizations automate and secure access, to get remote and on-premises teams up and running quickly with Work.com.

With flexible options for user management, Okta helps IT teams quickly extend access beyond traditional employees to include contractors, volunteers, or partners via self-service registration, AD/LDAP and HR integrations, CSV imports, and inbound federation to third party platforms.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enhance security while improving ease of access for this non-traditional workforce, regardless of location or device.

With Okta Workflows, Admins can automate provisioning users in Work.com and assigning users in specific roles to Salesforce Permission Set Groups, enhancing security while reducing the burden on IT.

Whether an enterprise is newly all-remote or heading back to the workplace, Work.com can help ensure a seamless, safe experience that keeps teams productive.

Expedite deployments with streamlined user management

Okta’s Universal Directory makes it easy for companies and governments to centrally manage access and permissions across a modern workforce of traditional employees, contractors, contingent workers, volunteers, and customers. New workers can be quickly and easily onboarded, automatically provisioned for immediate and appropriate access to Work.com and other apps (with permissions changing automatically as role or status changes), and deprovisioned instantly upon departure. With Okta’s Universal Directory in place, your IT team can scale your workforce with confidence, saving the enterprise the added costs, hassles, and security risks of Active Directory.

Use Okta and Work.com to expedite deployments with streamlined user management.

Expedite deployments, enhance security, and improve adoption of Work.com with Okta

  • Improve productivity for newly remote and mobile workforces with a simple, intuitive sign on experience and quick access to Work.com across all devices 
  • Enhance security posture with an identity-based (Zero Trust) approach to security that uses Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication to secure all remote and on-premise logins
  • Improve IT efficiency with centralized access control and 360° visibility, and leverage Okta Workflows to safely automate provisioning and deprovisioning to Work.com Permission Set Groups
  • Enable organizations to build trust and resiliency to keep their employees, customers, and communities safe


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