Okta and Salesforce Partner to Build Trust with Work.com

For organizations around the world, the shock of COVID-19 forced a new reliance on technology to enable Dynamic Work for workforces, and to connect virtually with customers. Not only did the pandemic accelerate the digital transformation of every organization, it showcased the importance of their trust in these technologies.

Today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Salesforce that will enable that necessary trust and help organizations build resiliency. Okta and Salesforce are integrating the Okta Identity Cloud with Work.com, a source for expert advice, content, and technology, with a focus toward helping every business reopen safely.

Okta + Salesforce

Salesforce is the most commonly deployed and used customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the Okta Integration Network. It’s newly created Work.com platform helps companies prioritize the health and wellness of their employees, and safely engage with their customers, while supporting communities as they scale to respond to any emergency.

How does it work?

By combining identity management from Okta with Salesforce’s Work.com workplace solutions, we’re providing organizations with a secure, automated and seamless experience to support reopening efforts. This combination allows leaders across HR, Workplace, and IT teams to quickly deploy Work.com, while maintaining the highest levels of security—regardless of location.

Increase productivity via a streamlined end user experience

By integrating with Okta and leveraging Okta’s Universal Directory (UD), Salesforce customers can enable employees to sign into Work.com with a single click. On the backend, existing governance and roles are pushed to ensure that the right employees access the correct data and tools. Meanwhile, Okta enables contractors and partners to offer the same seamless experience to third party organizations by integrating with partner directories, or storing identity information in UD. Ultimately, these seamless connections result in increased productivity across any extended enterprise.

Automated provisioning boosts security and removes IT costs

With Okta Lifecycle Management, IT administrators can synchronize data from HR systems, such as Workday, and flow those users directly into Work.com. This allows organizations to quickly and securely deploy Work.com, with minimal lift for IT teams. And, by leveraging Okta Workflows, IT admins can take this automated provisioning a step further by assigning Salesforce Permission Set Groups. This introduces granular control of the tasks and records each user can access within Work.com.

Protect sensitive data through tighter controls

The integration between the Okta Identity Cloud and Work.com enables IT leaders to easily provision and deprovision temporary workers, design permissions with fine-grained controls, and enforce MFA for specific users or groups. With Okta, Work.com customers can protect their sensitive data and maintain the highest levels of security.

Looking for more? Check out our video below for a technical overview, and our Okta + Work.com partner page for more details.