Okta Reveals Salesforce.com CRM as #1 Most Deployed and Used Application in Its Network of 3,000+ Applications

Okta Application Network, Customer Data Indicate Continued Move Toward 'Best-of-Breed' IT Strategies

San Francisco, CA - November 19, 2013 — Okta has announced that Salesforce.com Sales Cloud is the most commonly deployed and used application in its network of 3,000+ pre-integrated applications. The company also revealed that more than 30 percent of customers use at least three of the top seven most commonly deployed applications in the Okta Application Network -- Salesforce.com Sales Cloud, Box, Google Apps, Office 365, WebEx, LinkedIn and Zendesk -- and that the average organization has more than 20 applications connected to Okta. This indicates an accelerated trend towards multi-vendor IT strategies that focus on delivering high-value experiences to people inside and outside the organization.

Okta has built an extensive network of 3,000+ applications, enterprise customers and millions of users to help enterprises worldwide adopt more mobile- and cloud-centric IT strategies. In examining customer data and application usage across its platform, Okta revealed that:

49 percent of Okta's customers use Salesforce.com Sales Cloud for CRM;

38 percent use Box for content collaboration across enterprises;

35 percent use Google Apps for workforce productivity;

21 percent use Microsoft Office 365 for cloud-based collaboration; and

21 percent use Cisco WebEx for web conferencing.

"Our customers depend on Okta to enable 'best-of-breed' IT strategies. They want to be able to choose and easily deploy applications that delight their users and make them most productive," said Todd McKinnon, CEO of Okta. "They turn to Okta to provide the level of integration and security they need, while enabling leading applications like Salesforce.com, Box and Google Apps to be easily accessed, managed, and controlled from a single place."

Enterprises Choose Salesforce.com Sales Cloud for CRM, Okta for Identity Management

Today, the average Okta customer has 21 applications deployed to their organizations, with the largest single deployment connecting to more than 150 applications. In addition to widely-used business applications, many customers also use Okta to provide secure access to personal applications like LinkedIn and Facebook -- both of which are among the top 15 most deployed in the Okta Application Network -- as well as custom applications developed in-house for specific uses. With its most recent major service release, customers and partners are now able to also integrate new applications into the Okta Application Network on their own, in a few simple steps.

"We moved to Salesforce.com Sales Cloud 15 months ago and used Okta to seamlessly connect it back to Active Directory. As we continue replacing legacy applications with cloud-based alternatives, or looking for entirely new tools, Okta enables us to adopt the solutions that make the most sense for our business," said John Comacchio, senior vice president & CIO of Teknion Corporation. "Today, we have a number of additional key applications deployed to our users via Okta, each of which we regard as 'best-of-breed' for their specific purpose -- Salesforce Sales Cloud for CRM, Box for enterprise content collaboration, and of course, Okta for identity management."

Okta recently announced the ability to provision users to and from on-premises applications, as well as significant new enhancements to its cloud-based directory that enable customers to customize, store and manage a comprehensive set of user profile attributes within Okta and synchronize them as needed across any set of applications or directories.

For example, customers can now move any data about users to and from Salesforce.com Sales Cloud, so sales managers can be automatically updated based on inputs from an HR system, photos and phone numbers can be drawn from Active Directory, and Salesforce.com user attributes can be propagated to related cloud and on-premises services such as quote management systems and expense reporting applications. This functionality further enhances the ability for Okta customers to adopt a diverse range of applications to suit their specific business requirements.

Salesforce.com customers can take advantage of this functionality and connect directly to Okta from their Active Directory for free with Okta Cloud Connect (OCC) for Salesforce Sales Cloud. For more information, please visit: http://www.okta.com/applications/okta-for-salesforce.html.