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Office 365: Mind the Identity Gap

You're embracing the cloud with Office 365, but you need an identity and mobility strategy for successful adoption. Learn how to bridge the gap from purchase to implementation with Okta.

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An Identity Foundation for Office 365
& All Your Apps

You’re embracing the cloud with Office 365. This is a big deal. You need to go live. But you don’t want to build infrastructure that will limit user access to future cloud applications. Meet Okta, the identity and mobility management solution that gets Office 365 live ASAP while opening up a world of future options.

"We chose Okta over AD FS because of the ability to simplify and streamline the account provisioning process for Office 365."

Stephen G. Landry, CIO, Seton Hall University
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Modern Identity Management for Office 365 and All Your Applications

Is struggling with ADFS and Azure AD Connect (DirSync) the most efficient use of your time? Okta is a modern identity service that works in real-time. It minimizes user disruptions and enhances security. And it will help you reclaim your time. Okta enables enterprises with Active Directory to quickly and securely extend employee identity to Office 365 without using ADFS or Azure AD Connect. Okta also easily integrates with your non-Microsoft applications. Stop struggling. And get some real work done.

A Single Modern Product Delivering a Complete Solution

Okta is a complete identity management product. It is built as a single cloud-service and designed for both hybrid IT and cloud-first IT environments. The Okta service provides single sign-on, provisioning, multi-factor authentication, mobility management, configurable security policy, directory services and comprehensive reporting – all configured and managed from a single administrator console.

The Microsoft Approach

Multiple Systems, On-prem and Cloud, Delayed Sync

Office365 - The Microsoft Approach

The Okta Approach

Single System, Cloud-centric, Real-time, Integrated Identity
and Mobility Management

Office365 - The Okta Approach

Identity management software has evolved over time. Previous generations of software were built to periodically synchronize data. Okta employs a modern, event-driven approach. This approach enables delegated authentication to AD at the moment a user attempts to log in. It also keeps that user profile data in sync between on-prem AD and Office 365 the moment it changes.

Features Specific to Office 365

  • Zero Downtime
    Zero downtime and instant failover for Active Directory integration to ensure continuous efficient operation without requiring IT to manage uptime.
  • Granular License Assignment
    Automatic assignment of user licenses specific to Office 365 applications, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online, reducing manual work and scripting and increasing license usage efficiency and accuracy.
  • Automated Configuration
    Easy, quick, and automated configuration of Single Sign-on using WS-Fed right from within Okta. This means there’s no need for scripts or the command line during configuration.
  • Role Assignment
    Automatic assignment of Office 365 administrator roles, with the option to not assign a user license to an administrative account, and the ability to add MFA specifically for administrators.
  • Quick Provisioning / Deprovisioning
    Real-time provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts, groups, and group memberships in Azure Active Directory with rich profile synchronization to easily ensure employees receive access when they need it and are automatically removed.
  • Connect Untrusted Domains and Forests
    Connects multiple untrusted Active Directory domains/forests to a single tenant of Office 365, enabling large enterprises or companies going through mergers and acquisitions to easily add all users without changing their directory architecture.
  • Non-Microsoft Apps
    A secure, application-neutral identity service that can integrate to 3rd party MFA products, a wide variety of VPNs and clients, and be leveraged just as easily and deliver the same set of benefits for non-Microsoft applications.
  • Multi-factor Authentication
    Multi-factor authentication is fully integrated into the central Okta policy engine and centralized reports. This enables you to choose which factors users can enable, apply a flexible policy whenenforcing a 2nd factor (such as by Active Directory security group), and access all reports from one place.

Easy, Robust Active Directory Integration

Okta uses a lightweight agent to integrate Office 365 to AD. It requires no changes to firewall settings and can run on any Windows machine with read access to the domain controller. A single agent handles all communication, in real-time, between Okta and your on-prem AD. It supports delegated authentication, provisioning / deprovisioning, directory sync, and AD password management.

Okta provides users with a single cloud-based portal to change or reset their password. It does not matter whether the user’s account is mastered in Active Directory (Sometimes called “on-prem users”) or in Okta as the directory (Sometimes called “cloud users”).

When Okta is configured for delegated authentication to Active Directory, no AD credentials are stored in the cloud. Unlike Windows Azure Active Directory and on-premises Azure AD Connect (DirSync), Okta maintains continuous connectivity with its on-premises agent. When an AD user logs in, Okta uses the AD Agent to check the password stored in AD in real-time. The AD Agent also enables AD password change and AD password reset from the cloud-based Okta portal.

Passwords never get out of sync with Okta
Okta doesn’t keep a copy of a user’s AD password. If a user changes their password via their Windows PC or an on-prem password management tool, Okta instantly uses that new password.

No Servers

Whether in your data center or in the cloud, servers are a burden, costing money and time for deployment, configuration, and maintenance. For servers that manage security functions, you also have to take on the chore of keeping them hardened and up to date to protect against threats.

Microsoft provides a set of tools for connecting Azure AD to AD, such as ADFS, Azure AD Connect (DirSync), and Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM, previously called Forefront Identity Manager). These tools have gradually improved over time. But they require you to deploy, configure, and manage significant server resources. They are also completely unaware of each other -- and of the Azure AD cloud service -- requiring you to configure and integrate each one individually.

Okta eliminates the need for ADFS. In many scenarios, you can avoid running Azure AD Connect (DirSync) and MIM as well. This can save a business $50-$100k or more.

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  • Identity Management for Office 365
  • + Yammer & Dynamics Online
  • Mobility Management for Office 365
  • Unlimited Online Support Tickets
  • 12x5 phone support
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  • Community Support

Hundreds of Enterprises Use Okta to Deploy Office 365

  • Seton Hall University
  • Post Foods
  • Extreme Networks
  • Workday
  • Adobe
  • Varian Medical Systems
  • DocuSign
  • Girl Scouts of the United States of America
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