Okta Resident Architect

Statement of Work

Confidentiality Notice

This Statement of Work constitutes Okta Confidential Information and is intended for the internal use of Okta Customers only to evaluate the Statement of Work and may not be duplicated, used or distributed externally or reproduced for external distribution in any form without express written permission of Okta, Inc.

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1. Project Summary

This Statement of Work (“SOW”) is issued under, and is subject to, the terms and conditions of the applicable agreement between the parties (“Agreement”), including as may be identified on the applicable ordering document (“Order Form”) for the Okta Resident Architect services described herein (“Professional Services”).  Except as otherwise noted herein, capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall be given the meaning set forth in the Agreement and Order Form, as applicable.


2. Project Scope

The following activities shall be within the scope of this SOW:

The Okta Resident Architect (“Resident Architect”) term set forth in the Order Form begins up to sixty (60) days after the date of initial purchase and ends fourteen (14) months after the date of initial purchase unless otherwise specified on the Order Form (the “Services Term”). 

During the Services Term, Okta will provide the Resident Architect resource based on the Customer’s priorities and direction for up to five (5) days per week for no longer than fifty two (52) consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday, during standard business hours, subject to Okta’s reasonable discretion. By way of example, if Customer purchases a Resident Architect, the Order Form will reflect a quantity of 1 and the Resident Architect will be made available to Customer 5 days a week for a period of 52 weeks.  

The Resident Architect will not be available to the Customer on Non-Attendance Days. “Non-Attendance Days” are up to ten (10) Administrative Days per quantity purchased on the Order Form during the (52) week term, plus the regional provision for public holidays recognized by Okta and paid time off (for example, vacation, sick time). “Administrative Days” mean internal training days, volunteer time off, and employer-required attendance at company events. 

There are no predefined deliverables, or guaranteed outcomes, as part of the Professional Services provided under this SOW. 

Prior to the delivery of the Professional Services, Customer will:

  • Provide a project manager or other single point of contact for the project who will be responsible for:
    • Providing all information, as reasonably requested by Okta, in a timely manner in order for Okta to align to and facilitate desired project outcomes.
    • Acting as the central point of contact to Okta.
    • Coordination of Customer resources engaged in the project. 
  • Provide information for incorporation into a mutually agreed-upon project plan prior to the commencement of Professional Services.


3. Out of Scope

The following features, functionality and activities are out of scope for this Statement of Work:

  • Development of production ready code 
  • Data migration scripts / jobs 
  • Execution of test scripts / bug fixes 
  • Developer Operations Automation
  • Deployment activities 
  • Okta will have no responsibility for providing any Services on non-Okta Products.
  • Okta will have no responsibility for other contractors or third parties engaged by Customer or another third-party during delivery of the Services unless expressly agreed to in writing.
  • Okta will not be responsible for any delays caused by Customer or any third-party.
  • Services are non-transferrable.


4. Fees & Expenses

Customer shall pay Okta the Fees and expenses set forth on the applicable Order Form in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. Actual reasonable and out-of-pocket expenses and taxes are not included herein and will be invoiced separately per the terms of the Agreement.

The Professional Services described in this SOW will be provided on a fixed fee basis. The SOW Term shall commence on the date the Order Form is fully executed by both parties and shall expire on the earlier of: (a) expiration of the Services Term, or (b) upon consumption of the quantity purchased as specified on the Order Form (and outlined in Section 2 (Project Scope)). All Professional Services available under this SOW may only be redeemed during the SOW Term. Project delays resulting from Customer’s failure to Cooperate (as defined below) will not extend the SOW Term, and Okta is not responsible for and shall be relieved of responsibility for performing any Professional Services that have not been completed during the SOW Term due to Customer’s failure to Cooperate or failure to schedule such Professional Services in a timely manner. No refunds or credits will be provided for any Professional Services Fees. Fees will be invoiced upon the execution of the Order Form and will be due in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

Okta generally requires a minimum of 2 weeks lead time to schedule resources traveling, and potentially more, based on current availability. Any cancellations within two (2) business days of confirmed schedules may impact the total Estimated Effort. 

Okta will submit invoices to Customer for Professional Services and any project-related travel expenses monthly. Professional Services invoices may include resource name, role, rate, and hours incurred in the invoice period. Travel and expense invoices will be accompanied by copies of original receipts for expense items over twenty-five dollars ($25.00 USD). 


5. Scheduling

Okta resources work a normal work day of eight (8) hours and will adhere to regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), Monday through Friday. In addition, Okta resources will adhere to the local Okta office holiday schedule. Any Services performed after normal business hours and on weekends must be approved in advance by Okta management. Days are scheduled in eight (8) hour blocks, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by the Customer and Okta. Okta will work remotely based on a mutually agreed plan throughout the execution of this engagement. Customer may not rollover any remaining unused Days from one week to any other week. Cancellation of previously scheduled Days requires a minimum of two (2) business days advance notice. Upon a second untimely cancellation and for any subsequent untimely cancellation, Customer will forfeit the corresponding Days, and they will be deemed consumed.


6. OKTA Resourcing

The Okta Project resource(s) will be assigned and onboarded following execution of Order Form and based on current resource availability. If Okta resources are released from the project due to lack of Customer engagement, Okta cannot guarantee their availability when project activity resumes. As a result, new resources may need to be onboarded at the expense of Customer.  

Okta will assign project resource(s) with the appropriate skills to deliver the Service and serve as a single point of contact for the administration and management of the Services. Okta resources may be subject to change at any time throughout the project, and Customer will be notified by Okta as soon as practicable of any such changes.


7. Customer Obligations

General Customer Obligations

The Customer will:

  • Remain engaged throughout the duration of the Professional Services by actively directing and providing feedback to the Okta resource(s), providing requested integration information, and otherwise completing its obligations as set forth in this SOW in a timely manner (“Cooperate”).
  • Provide access to any third-party services or software, as required.
  • Procure services or software and license rights necessary for the Okta Service to integrate to such services or software.
  • Pay any service provider costs required to enable SSO on applications that are in scope of this engagement.
  • Provide and test all of the necessary remote access by Okta to Customer systems prior to the commencement of the Professional Service.
  • Be responsible for all hardware/virtual machines operating system(s), browser(s), commercial application(s), code for custom developed applications, application/web server(s), directory(s), database, network, proxy, and firewall maintenance and security as well as an active backup and recovery strategy as applicable for the aforementioned.
  • Provide complete and accurate data for integration with the Okta Service.


8. Assumptions

General Project Assumptions

  • Any service or activity not specifically included in this SOW is not included in the scope of this engagement.
  • Support for out of scope requirements will require the execution of a new SOW with an associated cost.  Upon execution of a new SOW, Okta cannot guarantee that the project resources will be re-assigned to the new Professional Services engagement.
  • Okta and Customer will work together in good faith to resolve any issues quickly.
  • Okta will follow independent software vendor guidelines for supported and deprecated versions of a product.
  • The Professional Services will be conducted remotely unless otherwise mutually agreed to by the parties.
  • Should any work be required at Customer’s site, travel expenses shall be invoiced in accordance with the Agreement.
  • Customer will be responsible for any fees related to Customer site travel expenses that cannot be refunded due to cancellations, such as airfare.