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Customer Identity

Oktane18 may be over, but the insights go far beyond it. Here’s your chance to see what you missed.
Discover how product leaders are taking a customer-focused approach to identity access management.

Customer Spotlight: Partner Identity Management in Complex Environments

Gregory Shlyuger, Head Architect of Analytics and Population Health, Mount Sinai Health System
Jen Galvin, Senior Sales Engineer, Okta

Mount Sinai, New York’s integrated healthcare system, provides exceptional care through a network of over 2000 providers and partners. Maintaining such a high level of care requires nuanced access to the Mount Sinai’s analytics, BI reports, and applications via a custom portal. Of course, managing partner identities and portal access doesn’t come easy. Learn how Mount Sinai successfully navigated a complex healthcare and partner identity environment to build a secure and customized Data Analytical Center that gives critical insight to its external network.

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Roadmap: Using Device Context to Enable Seamless and Secure Access

Ankit Garg, Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Mobility, Okta
Sadashiva Rao, IT Architect, Cadence Design Systems

Organizations want to realize the flexibility and productivity benefits that mobility can provide, but struggle with how to secure corporate apps and data on an increasing number of devices. This session explores how Okta can streamline all access decisions across all devices.

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Convergence of IAM and CIAM: Leveraging a Shared Identity Infrastructure for a Universal User Experience

Tony McAllister, Director, Enterprise Architecture, National Marrow Donor Association
Chris Gustafson, Principal Enterprise Architect, Imagine! Print Solutions

As more and more organizations use their identity infrastructure to serve multiple user constituencies and use cases, it becomes critical to have an architecture that not only supports all use cases, but also empowers integration between them. In this session, Tony McAllister and Chris Gustafson highlight opportunities for organizations to leverage a shared identity infrastructure across multiple user groups and their applications to improve the overall experience, streamline costs, and enable insights for the end user.

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Motorists Insurance: Managing the Entire User Experience from External Portals to Internal Compliance

Tony DeAngelo, AVP, Information Security, Motorists Insurance Group

Motorists Insurance Group is a leading provider of personal, commercial, and life insurance products, and regularly earns the highest marks for quality and service from its customers. Working with PwC, Motorists set up an extensive online presence to provide customers ready access to policy and claim information. Behind the scenes of this online presence are a series of Okta integrations that all work in concert to provide a seamless customer experience. Okta integration with F5 secures customer access to on-premises backend systems; MuleSoft ensures that the right services are served up via API; and the entire customer access process is logged and compliant with the help of SailPoint. In this session, Motorists explains how to provide leading online customer service, in a secure and seamless way, through Okta’s integrations with other leading vendors.

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Collaboration Made Seamless with Box and Okta: Connect Your Users, Partners, and Customers

Priya Patel, Group Manager of Product Marketing, Box
Terence Chan, Director of Network and Support Services, Year Up

Companies today are more connected than ever, and content usually lies at the heart of this collaboration. Box is helping organizations to improve employee productivity, reimagine business processes, and build new digital experiences to connect with customers. Box and Okta have over 1000 shared customers using both solutions to dramatically speed up projects, increase the security of content organization-wide, and rapidly build new content-based applications. In this session, Priya Patel and Terence Chan discuss how customers are using Box and Okta to conduct business in the digital age.

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Future of Identity and Identity Proofing with Experian

Christopher Danese, Business Consultant, Experian
Tom Smith, Partner Solutions Technical Architect, Okta

In this session, Christopher Danese and Tom Smith discuss how the dynamics of identity intelligence, fraud attack vectors, consumer preferences, and institutional priorities are converging to shape the definition of an identity in 2018. Specifically, they explore emerging best practices in identity proofing, as well as the findings in Experian’s Global Fraud Survey. Learn how Experian’s partner ecosystem was created to provide industry access to a variety of combined capabilities across analytics, alternative data, device intelligence, biometrics, evidentiary checks, credential issuance, and other emerging technologies.

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Customer Spotlight: Managing Multiple Brand Experiences with a Single Okta Org

Mark Milchuk, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Realogy Franchise Group, Realogy Holdings Corp.
Sami Abdul, Technical Lead, Application Security, Realogy Franchise Group, Realogy Holdings Corp.
Nate Barbettini, Product Manager, Okta

Realogy is responsible for not only managing the identity of over 250,000 customers, but also the host of applications that power its six global real estate brands, including Century 21 and Coldwell Banker. Similar to other large enterprises, Realogy needed a way to create login experiences representative of each brand across a multitude of applications from a single Okta org. The team partnered with Okta to develop a custom solution allowing for multiple branded login pages hosted in a single application that employs a standard sign-in protocol (OpenID Connect, SAML2) to authenticate users using Okta’s endpoints. Watch this session to learn from Realogy’s Director of Enterprise Architecture as he dives deep into how his team overcame their authentication challenges.

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Building Scalable and Secure API-Driven Applications and Experiences

Michael Rogers, Product Manager, Allergan
Mark Burns, IT Security, GRC & Architecture Leader, Custom Fleet
Frederick Lee, Sr. Security Analyst, Custom Fleet

This session features industry leaders from Allergan and Custom Fleet. Learn how these companies used APIs to build better, scalable customer experiences.

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Okta API Products Roadmap: Going Beyond Today's Customer Identity Needs

George Kwon, Director of Product Management, Okta
Tom Abbott, Director, Developer Platform Product Management, Okta

Your customer and business requirements are always evolving. This session explores Okta’s view of how these demands will change in 2018 and beyond, and provides a glimpse into the Okta roadmap.

Learn More: Identity Management for Customer & Partner Portals Whitepaper

Fireside Discussion: What the Heck is CIAM?

Alfonso Mancuso, DIrector, IAM, LabCorp
Thinh Nguyen, SVP of Information Technology, Mr.Cooper
Tris Lingen, CISO, TCF

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is too often limited to a small set of consumer scenarios. This session looks at how organizations have leveraged CIAM to deepen their relationships with a broad spectrum of customers, businesses, and partners. Learn from industry experts on easy-to-implement scenarios that any organization can capture.

Learn More: Protecting Customer Identity with Customer IAM (webinar)

What About the Customer? Leveraging Customer Identity to Better Engage Your Customers

Paul Verrone, Director Of Information Technology, Consolidated Edison
Jennifer Moy, IT Lead, Consolidated Edison
Robert Chang, System Analyst, Consolidated Edison

Done right, Customer Identity can be a tool and channel to better engage and communicate with your customers or partner organizations. In this session, learn about organizations who have used technology and customer identity as a tool to create digital channels to build relationships with a customer. This session will lay out potential use cases and best practices during execution.