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Learn how leading companies are building applications with a secure, seamless experience for the end user.

Okta API Products Roadmap: Going Beyond Today's Customer Identity Needs

George Kwon, Director of Product Management, Okta
Tom Abbott, Director, Developer Platform Product Management, Okta

Your customer and business requirements are always evolving. This session explores Okta’s view of how these demands will change in 2018 and beyond, and provides a glimpse into the Okta roadmap.

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Nexteer: Integrating Office365 with HR and Security Systems to Rapidly Deploy, Manage, and Secure Users Across the Enterprise

Sibrina Subedar, Product Marketing Manager, Okta
Arun DeSouza, CISO, Nexteer Automotive

With over a century of experience in the automotive industry, Nexteer embraced the era of digital transformation to fuel productivity and innovation. This included deploying, provisioning, and securing Office365, one of the most used apps in the enterprise. Learn more about how Nexteer provisions users into Office365 using SuccessFactors-as-a-Master, and then further secures and archives messages using ZScaler and Proofpoint. Okta, as the identity layer, served as a lynchpin that connected everything and helped them with ease of use, scalability, automation, and productivity gains.

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Okta + AWS: Tips and Tricks

Adam Fitzgerald, Head, Worldwide Developer Marketing, Amazon Web Services

In this session we provide practical advice for using Okta products with services available from Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ll take a look at how to integrate Okta as your authentication provider for the AWS console itself, as well as how to integrate Okta with the three most popular application architectures that developers build on AWS: 3-tier web applications, decomposed microservices, and serverless applications. Using Okta and AWS together will give your applications the user experience you want, with the scalability and resilience you expect from the cloud.

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Leveraging the API Economy to Drive Adoption and Growth

Palminder Singh, Director of Product Management,
Quotient Technology Inc.
Shaivya Mahajan, Senior Software Engineer,
Quotient Technology Inc.
Crystal Yan, Product & UX, US Digital Service
David Koh, US Digital Service

Hear from organizations who have leveraged an API economy to accelerate the growth of their user base and the relationships they have with customers, end users, and business partners. Learn about replicable models that you can use to not only capture quick wins but also build a future-proof program.

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Secure Collaboration with Slack

Ilan Frank, Head of Enterprise Product, Slack
Christian Sosa, Associate Director of Cloud and SaaS, Fox Group Information Technology

There’s no need to sacrifice innovation and productivity for security. Learn how you can empower employees with a transparent and open flow of information while keeping data secure (and how you could impact your business’ productivity if you don't). This session explores how joint Slack and Okta customers balance employee access with centralized controls for administrator visibility and agility, as well as how Slack’s FINRA and HIPAA offerings allow customers to satisfy regulatory requirements. Finally, you'll learn how integrations with SSO, provisioning, eDiscovery, data loss prevention (DLP), enterprise mobility management (EMM), and offsite backup providers make users and IT more efficient while keeping your data secure and compliant with company policies.

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Workday: Integrating MuleSoft to Secure Endpoints and Build New Productivity Apps

Tom Smith, Partner Solutions Technical Architect, Okta
Derek Untalan, Manager, Partner Integrations, Workday
Praveen Awasthy, Senior Integration Specialist Workday
Tae Kim, IT Systems Integration Workday

A leader in HR management systems, Workday is leveraging existing on-premise and cloud-based sources to create modern applications for employees and partners. The APIs underlying these experiences are protected and managed by Okta and MuleSoft. In this session, we’ll cover how the Okta/MuleSoft API management integration provides Workday control and flexibility over various internal and third-party APIs. This offers rapid continuous improvement to the tools end users rely on. For the security team, this means better control over who can access API endpoints.

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API and Microservices Best Practices

Keith Casey, API Problem Solver, Okta
Matt Raible, Developer Advocate, Okta

You’ve probably heard the rumors about microservices — that they’re faster to build and easier to manage than any other solution out there. They also solve all the problems you didn’t realize you had, and make a fantastic cup of coffee while they’re at it. It doesn’t matter what the question is, the answer is microservices. Unfortunately, in reality microservices are a little more complex. In this session, we’ll walk through the principles and demonstrate the practices for building secure microservices using OAuth, fine-grained scope management, and repeatable, scalable processes.

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Using OAuth and OpenID Connect in Your Applications

Aaron Parecki, Developer Advocate, Okta
Padma Govindarajalu, Developer Support Engineer, Okta

In this session, Aaron Parecki, author of OAuth 2.0 Simplified, along with an Okta identity expert, will cover the industry best practices for authentication and authorization by looking at OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols. You’ll learn when to use OAuth or OpenID Connect (and when to use both), their respective grant types, and how to use OAuth and OpenID Connect securely from mobile applications.

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How Dow Jones, National Geographic, and Silicon Labs Power Secure Collaboration with Dropbox and Okta

Bryan Mann, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Dropbox
Cori Biruk, Director of Collaboration and SaaS, Dow Jones
Javier Ruiz, Systems Engineer, Silicon Labs
Jarel Jones, Senior Cloud Systems Administrator, National Geographic

Every company has unique requirements for data protection. No matter what you’re doing — whether it’s distributing breaking news about tomorrow’s trading day, launching the latest magazine issue, or protecting IP for a multi-protocol wireless chip — protecting sensitive data is critical to your business. Join Dropbox for an engaging panel discussion, during which you’ll hear industry experts from Dow Jones, Silicon Labs, and National Geographic discuss how they have embraced a user-centric IT strategy to increase productivity and drive innovation, all while protecting their most important assets.

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OWASP Top 10 and Okta: Mitigate Identity Risks in Your Web Applications

Payal Ajwani, Senior Sales Engineer, Okta

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 is a powerful awareness guide for web application security. It represents a broad consensus about the most critical security risks to web applications faced by developers and organizations, with a goal of helping developers and security teams better secure the applications they build and deploy. This session examines how Okta can help mitigate some of the Web Application vulnerabilities that are defined in the OWASP Top 10 list, particularly when building and protecting web applications within an organization.

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Customer Spotlight: Partner Identity Management in Complex Environments

Gregory Shlyuger, Head Architect of Analytics and Population Health, Mount Sinai Health System
Jen Galvin, Senior Sales Engineer, Okta

Mount Sinai, New York’s integrated healthcare system, provides exceptional care through a network of over 2000 providers and partners. Maintaining such a high level of care requires nuanced access to the Mount Sinai’s analytics, BI reports, and applications via a custom portal. Of course, managing partner identities and portal access doesn’t come easy. Learn how Mount Sinai successfully navigated a complex healthcare and partner identity environment to build a secure and customized Data Analytical Center that gives critical insight to its external network.

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Building Scalable and Secure API-Driven Applications and Experiences

Michael Rogers, Product Manager, Allergan
Mark Burns, IT Security, GRC & Architecture Leader, Custom Fleet
Frederick Lee, Sr. Security Analyst, Custom Fleet

This session features industry leaders from Allergan and Custom Fleet. Learn how these companies used APIs to build better, scalable customer experiences.

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