Enable Easy Secure B2B Collaboration with Okta + Box

Companies in every industry rely on partners to do business: distributors, suppliers, vendors, franchisees, customers. Increasingly interactions with partners happen online through portals or custom developed applications. This digitization yields tremendous bottom-line results and competitive advantage. 

The great news is that developing these partner experiences has never been easier thanks to an explosion of SaaS and PaaS options that can be mashed up to complete a partner collaboration use case. 

In this webinar you’ll learn about two such services designed to help enterprises ship partner collaboration tools faster: Okta and Box. In additional, you’ll hear about: 

  • Common challenges and solutions to B2B collaboration 
  • How to secure access to digital resources for B2B partners with Okta 
  • How to securely manage content with Box 

Watch the Webinar

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