Carvana identifies the partners essential for growth



Imran Kazi: My role, pretty much when I joined Carvana on 15 months ago was to develop a team to take over all the technology services off of our sister company, and build a team to support our hyper growth. Carvana is a hundred percent online car dealership, and we are disrupting the market and we are different from other dealership is because the number one thing that our founders wanted to focus upon was the customer experience. Every time your customer is buying a car, we give them that white glove service that makes them feel that, hey, this is honest, this is transparent, this is easy to deal with. Very much opposite to what people face at brick and mortar car dealerships, traditional car dealership. When we had ... We were in this hyper growth in the last 15 months, it was clear for us to partner up with technologies and with companies that has similar culture and similar approach that Carvana has, and that's when we realized that hey, from the identity management solution and from the communication solutions, Okta and RingCentral, were right in line.

Imran Kazi: Okta was the leader in the industry. They had partnered and have these integration with these tools that we were already using and wanted to get on. It was just a seamless decision for us to go through. Create a login on Okta site, have it synced with RingCentral. When we ordered the RingCentral phones, they were already on our portal. We already knew the serial numbers, we get them dropped to our location, they plug and play and voila.

Imran Kazi: We have a 102 published applications on Okta within the last 15 months. Our customers love the fact that it is so easy to use. They love the fact that they can use a multifactor authorization on their phone. They love the fact that they can use the soft phones from RingCentral on their cell phones or iPad and here they are. It has made their life a lot easier. For Okta's side, from that and Manu solution, that was the solution that we picked and it has helped us tremendously. From the communication side, we picked RingCentral, which has been the exact same thing. And our growth shows from three markets in 35 markets, and we're going to continue to use these two solutions and make sure our customers get the best experience.

When online auto dealer Carvana decides it’s time to step up its pace of growth, it turns to Okta and RingCentral to help stand up new markets quickly. Within 15 months, the company expands into an additional 26 markets and adds more than 1,000 employees. Company leaders credit Okta and RingCentral with making that growth possible.