McCarthy people are builders first. We take complexity out of their IT systems.



Michael Oster: McCarthy is a 150 year old, private construction firm based in St. Louis, with headquarters in St. Louis and offices throughout the United States.

We have ten division offices, we have a hundred field offices, and collaboration between the employees is crucial. But likewise, the collaboration that goes on between owners and architects and subcontractors, we have roughly ten thousand of those people coming into our system, and we're constantly collaborating. Employees were required to sign on to multiple systems throughout the day, ten or twelve systems per day, all with their own unique user IDs and passwords, cloud-based and on-premise. What we were challenged with is this uprising if you will, from our employees to simplify the way that they do their job, and being able to come into an application portal and be able to access the systems with one ID as opposed to the number that they had.

We looked at the traditional products from Microsoft and Oracle, but what we were seeing is that they were focused more on on-premise systems, and what we were seeing as a company was more of the cloud-based applications. That's where we are going, and we needed a quick solution, we needed something that crossed multiple applications, and Okta sold us on their ease of implementation and the support we were given.

Our next phase is for the user provisioning, which we think is going to be huge for us. If IT doesn't have to go in and provision that user into each of those applications and we can do it through an Okta interface, the productivity savings within McCarthy IT is going to be very significant. Likewise, password resets become a thing of the past, which is our number one help desk request that comes in, is resetting the password. With Okta that goes away, and so the productivity we gain as well as the credibility within IT goes up.

With Okta, McCarthy has been able to realize significant benefits through productivity savings as a single sign-on solution. That was our first foray into that side of the house. Our employees are more productive, there's less angst amongst our troops in terms of that ability, it was quick to implement, the team at Okta was very supportive. I would recommend it.

With roughly 10,000 people around the US - from architects to owners - logging in everyday, private construction firm McCarthy had its work cut out for them in maintaining their original on-premise office systems. This is especially true when their people needed to log into 10 to 12 different sub-systems and applications per day. Fortunately, Okta helped increase productivity and take weight off their IT teams shoulders through Single Sign-On solutions and easy implementation.