Meet Your Okta Identity Access Management Expert, Chris Race



As we head into this new decade, organizations are facing unprecedented challenges as they try to rapidly innovate and keep pace with their competition.

Most of you will have seen over the past decade the rapid and mainstream adoption of cloud technologies. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, cloud has been a key enabler.

What you may be less familiar with; however, is how the delivery of these projects has changed and how this has completely reshaped the customer journey.

I’m Chris Race, Senior Engagement Manager at Okta Australia, my job is to help customers like you find their business value and achieve their goals with their identity and access management projects.

I have been solving problems for our customers for 15 years, and throughout that time I have seen many changes.

Recently I recorded a podcast with Clarence Cheah called “Meet Your Okta Experts”, here in Sydney Australia. In this podcast, we reflect on the previous decade of identity and access management and how the Software-as-a-Service revolution has been a complete game changer.

We look at why organizations don’t have the luxury to take weeks, or months, or years, to deploy their solutions. Why identity management projects are possible for organizations of any size, and why the time for you to act is now.

To find out more be sure to tune in to “Okta - Meet Your Experts” podcast here.

Tune in as Okta’s Identity Access Management Expert, Chris Race, reflects on the previous decade of Identity Access Management; and discusses how the SaaS revolution has been a complete game changer. Listen to the podcast here.