Okta + SADA Systems Tackle Customer Problems Through Creative Cloud Solutions



Jason Cutler: My name is Jason Cutler. I'm the Director of Channel Sales at SADA Systems. SADA Systems is a cloud technology provider for both Microsoft, Google, Workplace by Facebook and Okta. And we help tackle our customer's problems by leveraging cloud identity and solution providers.

Jason Cutler: SADA Systems and Okta created this partnership as we went after our Google customers. Our Google customers were looking for an identity solution that could play an important role, not just for G Suite, but many other of their cloud applications like Salesforce, DocuSign, and RingCentral.

Jason Cutler: So SADA Systems has five core values that we strive every day to provide, not only internally to our employees, but also with our customers and our partners. The one that I identify most with is make them rave. We have a core value around that which is making customers for life and really being the best partner that we can. And so really identifying with our partners and our customers and making sure that they think SADA is the best and providing that value going forward is really important to me.

Jason Cutler: By working with Okta, SADA Systems has really seen a transition of becoming a cloud agnostic partner for some of our customers today. So determining which application would be the best for things like e-signature, unified communications, as well as CRM really helps us identify more with our customers and really providing those solutions going forward.

Jason Cutler: Working with Okta has been a great experience because of the cloud agnostic approach that they take for any customer that we bring to them. What we try and find is where they're trying to look at the most value going forward. If an organization today is leveraging the best of breed technology, what Okta provides more so than some of the competitors out in the market is that agnostic approach. And that's something that personally I enjoy bringing into a sales conversation and really tackling those unique problems that every customer has.

Jason Cutler: Working with the Okta team has been very easy. Everyone's very personable, and it's been a great experience so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing this partnership grow.

Okta and SADA Systems partner together to solve customer problems by using cloud solutions.