Okta liberates Workday IT from password help and app administration



Craig Butler: My name is Craig Butler. I'm the Vice President of Information Systems here at Workday. We provide a cloud-based HCM payroll and financial solution. At Workday, we have a very entrepreneurial and tech savvy culture. This means that the business is moving faster and faster. Our users demand self-service options which means they're not looking to come to IT when they need help they're looking to actually help themselves.

It also means they're looking for a consistent experience across all of their devices regardless if they're in the office, at home, or on the road. With the implementation of Okta, what we've ultimately been able to do is to liberate IT from helping reset passwords, provide log-in instructions and do application administration to focus on higher value activities such as building strategies for getting to the cloud, for helping the business become more productive on their daily challenges, and giving us the ability to instead of being reactive, be proactive and help the business achieve their strategies.

Our partnership has been Okta has been very productive, from the original implementation to on-going support, Okta has provided best practices and helped us create a road map for the ultimate single sign-on and identity management across all of our applications. Okta understands the challenge of a fast-growing cloud-centric technology-focused business. With this understanding, they've been able to provide a service which focuses on the user experience, the right level of security, and providing IT the tools necessary to enable the end users to focus on their key priorities which for us is our products and our customers.


Workday provides a cloud-based human capital management, payroll and financial solution to their clients. With an entrepreneurial and tech-savvy culture, that means business is moving faster and faster and they needed an identity management system to keep up. Okta has helped liberate their IT team from helping reset passwords so they have the bandwidth to focus on high-value activities.