Okta ‘App of the Week’: Delighting Customers with Zendesk’s Customer Support Software in the Cloud

Earlier this week, we explained how it’s now possible to build an entire business in the cloud. There’s an app for every business function, from ERP to CRM to HR. You name it, there’s a cloud app for it -- and chances are that app is part of the Okta Application Network. Take Zendesk, for example. It’s one of the most popular apps in our catalogue, and for good reason. Zendesk’s customer support software helps companies get a handle on their most critical responsibility: their customer interactions. Delighting customers is what it’s all about, and delight comes standard in the cloud.

Why It’s Cool: We’re actually one of their 10,000 happy customers, so we can testify that their name could not be more appropriate. Zendesk truly brings zen to our office with the knowledge that our customer interactions are as thorough and impactful as possible. (Plus, we love their logo.) Reporting, analytics, customer history – Zendesk consolidates it all in one place. What’s more, Zendesk has embraced mobile workforces with apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, so businesses can access the service from nearly any device.

There are a 1,000+ reasons to break free from the corporate firewall. Just ask Zendesk’s thousands of happy customers who prove that business thrives when you move critical applications to the cloud.


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