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Hello, Seattle (and the Office 365 Tidal Wave)

Todd McKinnon
CEO & Co-Founder

We’re moving on up in the world. Well, we’re going north. Today we announced the opening of our newest office in Seattle, WA. 

The fact that Microsoft’s based nearby isn’t a coincidence. In the past year, Microsoft has taken big steps towards driving adoption of cloud and mobile in the enterprise. They’ve placed a major bet on Office 365, encouraging businesses to move their email, collaboration and calendaring to the cloud. And the bet’s paying off. Organizations of all sizes are adopting Office 365 hand over fist – we’ve seen evidence of this within the Okta Application Network, as Office 365 is quickly becoming one of the most commonly deployed application of our 4,000+.

Office 365 Integrations

As I recently told Julie Bort at Business Insider, Microsoft’s push to the cloud has been like a tidal wave for us, as companies are running into serious identity and mobility management challenges related to Office 365. And as they adopt more and more cloud apps, they’re running into other issues that we can solve. We want to provide the solution that enables companies to adopt any number of cloud and mobile apps – Office 365 and otherwise – and with the opening of our new Seattle office and continued commitment to eliminating the identity issues around Office 365 deployments, we’re taking a big step towards that goal.

Celebrating an Awesome Year

Our Seattle office is just the first of many major things to come in FY2016. After all, it’s coming on the heels of a strong FY2015; a year in which we added hundreds of new customers, some of which you might recognize – RE/MAX, TGI Fridays, Zenefits, UNICEF and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

We also made some serious product advancements last year, entering (and disrupting) the enterprise mobility management space with Okta Mobility Management, becoming the first truly integrated identity and mobility management provider. With OMM, we can now address a much broader set of use cases (as Tim Weaver from Del Monte will tell you – we manage mobile password resets, device-aware access control and automated provisioning for native mobile applications) by enabling companies to better secure their people by expanding beyond managing devices and focusing instead on the person. What’s more, we unveiled our Developer Edition so developers everywhere can build more secure applications with our identity layer. We’re bringing fragmented pieces of the enterprise – apps, devices and data – together, connecting everyone and everything needed to get work done.

If you’re interested in joining our growing team (particularly in Seattle!) and helping us become the default identity solution for every application and organization, check out our careers page.

Todd McKinnon
CEO & Co-Founder

Todd McKinnon is the CEO and co-founder of Okta, the leading provider of enterprise identity, which he co-founded in2009 with Frederic Kerrest. Under Todd’s leadership, Okta has transformed the way millions of people access technology and put identity at the forefront of security.

Todd’s experience as a leader and technology visionary spans more than 25 years, with deep roots in enterprise software and cloud transformation. Prior to Okta, he led engineering at Salesforce.com, where he grew the team from 15 people to more than 250, and the service from two million daily transactions to more than 150 million. Todd started his career at PeopleSoft, where he held a number of engineering and leadership roles throughout his 8-year tenure.

Todd earned his bachelor’s degree in management and information systems from Brigham Young University and his master’s in computer science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. A Bay Area native, Todd is an advisor to Family House and an advocate for equality and inclusion. He is a husband and father, an exercise addict, and a mountain bike enthusiast.

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