City Year’s Christine Sullivan on Why Oktane16 is Mandatory for IT

The countdown to Oktane16 continues with only 75 days to go. And with our agenda filled with 40+ breakout sessions, main stage keynotes, customer case studies, deep dives on Okta tools and applications and perspective on Okta’s future roadmap, our customers can’t keep themselves from expressing their excitement.

We recently heard from REA Group’s Damian Fasciani about why you should “go” to Oktane16, and today Christine Sullivan, City Year's Vice President of IT services, is adding her voice to the mix. For Christine, Oktane provides so much value for new and existing customers that she thinks it should be required. City Year is already implementing Okta’s SSO and provisioning for AmeriCorps members in underserved communities and Christine’s team continues to benefit from Oktane after implementation.

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Christine: My name is Christine Sullivan and I serve as the Vice President of IT Services at City Year, Inc. and have worked at our headquarters in Boston, MA for the past four years. We have a cloud based technology strategy at City Year and were thrilled when we selected Okta early on in this journey as our identity management solution provider. Okta’s ability to deliver seamless network & application access to our staff and AmeriCorps members allows everyone at City Year to focus on our mission of helping our students reach their full potential, and graduate from high school.

Okta: Why would you say should someone go to Oktane?

Christine: Oktane is terrific. The conference features great keynote speakers, exciting breakout sessions, fun parties and the opportunity to network with other customers. Not to mention the entire Okta team is “Always On” — they’re present, accessible and ready to help during these events!

Okta: What’s your favorite memory from Oktane15?

Christine: My favorite memory of Oktane is really about the feeling I have being part of something special. City Year has experienced a significant return on investment based on its partnership with Okta. I look forward to attending this conference every year to reconnect with peers and always marvel at the growth Okta has experienced. This conference is mandatory for my network team because we get so much out of the three days.

Okta: Where has Oktane enabled you and your organization to go in the past?

Christine: City Year is currently using SSO and HR based IT driven provisioning. The implementation of these tools is like having a mini, virtual IT team working for us around the clock.

Okta: Where do you hope Oktane16 helps you go in this coming year?

Christine: We hope to learn more about how Okta can strengthen our security roadmap with the introduction of MFA, mobility support and UD.

Okta: Oktane in one word:

Christine: Trust

Okta: Anything else you want to share?

Christine: Awesome t-shirts!

There is still time to register and join us in August. Although Oktane officially kicks off with a welcome reception on Monday August 29, we also encourage attendees to consider taking advantage of pre-conference trainings that offer deeper dives on essentials for administrators and a deep dive on Okta platform for developers to make the most of their experience.