Security Innovation + Collaboration to Keep Threats at Bay

Millions of people rely on Okta to connect them to the technologies and services that enable them to do their most important work — and as a result, we make every decision with our customers in mind. How do we implement cutting-edge security solutions to manage our customers’ technology risks and keep their identities secure?

It’s clear we’re not the only ones asking this question. Last week, 50,000 forward-thinking security leaders and pioneers gathered to discuss topics like this at the annual RSA Conference. With a cyber attack happening every 39 seconds in average against any online service, the severity and frequency of intrusion attempts is unprecedented, making it imperative that security professionals stay at the forefront of innovation and education. Hands-on sessions, keynotes and informal gatherings enabled attendees to learn new approaches to information security, discover the latest technology, and interact with a global community of experts.

We also hosted our own RSA dinner and panel with customers and security leaders from F5, McAfee, ServiceNow, SumoLogic and Zscaler, where we discussed cyber security success drivers, securing cloud migrations, next generation SOC, and vulnerability management. We’re staying ahead of the latest trends, and providing an educational platform for our customers o discuss the best path forward.

Introducing REX Talks In addition to the RSA panels, we recently kicked off our security research events called REX (Research and Exploitation) Talks.REX events are designed to offer a podium for security professionals to share knowledge, ideas and research that affect security trends.

We hosted our inaugural event last month, featuring talks by researchers at Okta, Bishop Fox, NCC Group and Google, and a fireside chat with CISOs from Bishop Fox, Preempt, Lending Club and Slack. Topics ranged from access controls and malware detection and analysis, to war stories from security pentests — all of which gave attendees insights into how to grow as a security professional and help ensure they’re staying ahead of emerging threats.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense Our dedication to building secure solutions extends beyond our discussions at REX Talks. Every day, our security research teams do everything they can to identify vulnerabilities before a threat actor finds them. Code reviews, penetration tests, red teaming, design reviews and vulnerability management are some of the practices they use in order to identify risk at any given development stage before it can be exploited. Furthermore, the security research teams carry out comprehensive technical vendor reviews to make sure every technology we use is safe. If you’re interested in learning more about what our REX team is up to, visit our new security blog.

Our focus is on security. Events like RSA and REX Talks along with the everyday practices of our security team helps to ensure Okta stays at the forefront of innovation and mitigate threats for our customers.