The Production Line: A Roundup of Productivity


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In April of this year, we dreamed up The Production Line as a place to capture the Okta features that might have been flying slightly below your radar, or possibly hiding in plain sight. But it was also a place to hear from you, our users, who had things to say about each of these features, as well as the series itself. Now that the year is coming to a close – and given how quickly it all went by – we decided to use this month’s post to round up all we’ve explored in the series. But more importantly, we want to ensure you’re using all the facets and options that Okta has to offer—we don’t want you to miss a thing!

Production Line – the back issues

Meet Our New Product Series: The Production Line

In our inaugural issue, we explored Custom URL Domains, allowing Okta admins to configure an Okta org with a custom domain for a branded, custom sign-in experience.


For our second edition of The Production Line, went back to the future with Automations. Automations impacts three areas that make the lives of admins and IT teams easier: security issues, audit and compliance requirements, and IT productivity.

The LDAP Interface

For our third edition we explored a hybrid IT game changer: the LDAP Interface. This feature allows orgs to seamlessly migrate certain apps off of legacy LDAP or Active Directory servers and onto Okta—for a full-cloud experience.

The Administrator Console

In this edition we profiled a feature that all Okta admins are intimately familiar with—the Administrator Console. But are you sure you know all that it can do? We shared some new resources, and spotlighted two features that every admin role can benefit from knowing: the EA Feature Manager and Admin Roles.

Workday as a Master

This edition of The Production Line introduced a topic that called for not one, but two posts: HR-driven provisioning. Starting with Workday, this and the following edition zero'd in on this key feature of Okta Lifecycle Management (LCM).

HR as a Master

This was part deux of our mini-series about HR-driven provisioning. And, while Okta has a number of pre-built options including Namely, BambooHR, UltiPro, and SuccessFactors, we revealed how we also allow for CSV mastering.


In this edition, we stayed timely with HealthInsight, a feature we had just demoed at our Showcase event. Offered in a suite of features called SecurityInsights, it monitors the configurations of your Okta org and delivers tailored recommendations, based on both industry best practices and Okta’s best practices for our products.

Device Trust

In our latest edition, we profiled Device Trust, an ambitious feature, bent on solving the problems to be found in the future of work. If you're using solutions like VMware Workspace ONE, System Center Configuration Manager, Jamf Pro and others, you can utilize Okta Device Trust to ensure that mobile devices and desktops are managed by these solutions before your end users access Okta managed apps.

And a word from our sponsors…

The most fun thing about working the Production Line this year was getting your feedback! Here are a few comments Okta customers have made about the series over the last 9 months.

– It's a great way to keep track of all the features being released by Okta. They are coming so fast these days it's getting hard to keep track!

– Innovative.

– Great! Keep it honest and transparent.

– Way better than simple product announcements; this can showcase features and some depth.

– I like the background on how they got to GA.

– Great writeups about new features. Very user-friendly in addition to what release notes already show.

– I think it's interesting to see where you've been, where you are at and where you are going. Gives insight on how Okta has adapted and grown throughout the years.

– This is really good instructional stuff which I have passed on to my desktop support team to further read.

What’s coming down the line?

Heading into 2020, we’re far from done. With a less frequent cadence, we’ll be taking an even deeper look into how specific companies use Okta features to innovate and keep their production lines humming. See you next year!