Okta Is Proud to Participate in the New CrowdXDR Alliance

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the past few weeks have accelerated this awareness into mainstream consciousness. Facebook experienced an outage, Twitch suffered a major data breach, and Syniverse quietly revealed a 5-year data breach.

It has become starkly evident that organizations need to invest in cyber security solutions, but even more important that these tools work cohesively. It is also becoming apparent that security starts with an identity-centric approach.

Putting identity first in security

Zero Trust strategies help change the perspective when thinking about security solutions by helping ensure appropriate trust levels are established before access is granted. Evaluating the context of users and devices at the point of access is a key component of any Zero Trust implementation. For those organizations on a cloud journey thinking about Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), the principles of Zero Trust for strong policy enforcement and context gathering is key.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is also top of mind. It focuses on solutions that monitor and mitigate cyber security threats by natively integrating multiple security products into a cohesive security operations system that unifies all licensed components. Identity plays a critical role here, and Okta provides a secure, agnostic identity solution that supports broader security initiatives. Today, we are pleased to announce further support for XDR with our membership in the CrowdXDR Alliance, as announced by CrowdStrike here.

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Joining the CrowdXDR Alliance

The CrowdXDR Alliance is a unified and open XDR coalition formed with security and IT operations leaders and best-of-breed solutions. The CrowdXDR Alliance includes leaders from industries spanning cloud, web, email, network, IT operations, and of course, identity. Having these best-in-class solutions partnering together will provide the market with an option to integrate their security portfolios and ensure a proactive, end-to-end security approach that is both scalable and reliable.

Okta's secure, neutral, and independent identity solutions support key security initiatives such as XDR and Zero Trust, all powered by our platform and deeply integrated technical partnerships. We're pleased to join the CrowdXDR Alliance to help organizations embrace strong, identity-first security initiatives that combat the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.” —David Bradbury, Chief Security Officer, Okta

Okta’s Identity Cloud centralizes identity management, providing user context that permits fine-grained, contextual access responses. Integrating Okta and CrowdStrike delivers actionable user and device intelligence that teams need to evaluate login risk and make intelligent real-time or automated access decisions. 

Together, these solutions offer numerous benefits:

  • Provide remote and on-premises workforces with safer access to applications and data from any device at any time with real-time endpoint health, user, and device assessment 
  • Minimize security blind spots by giving teams a consolidated view of access requests and supporting contextual data
  • Extended detection and response capabilities with purpose-built integration and correlation of relevant identity-based telemetry to stop threats beyond the endpoint 
  • Confidently automate appropriate access, including passwordless access, and provide contextual security responses in real time
  • Keep users productive and happy while keeping enterprise assets safer from internal and external threats

Learn more about our partnership with Crowdstrike, how we integrate together, and the new CrowdXDR Alliance.