Okta + CrowdStrike

Combine best-in-class solutions for identity management and endpoint security to simplify remote access for trusted users and devices

The Challenge

Enterprise teams need to protect all web, cloud, and on-premises enterprise access and activity in an ever-evolving threatscape

The expansion of remote and hybrid workforces means workers need unfettered anytime access from both managed and unmanaged devices

Companies need new tools for real-time threat assessment and fine-grained access management so they can repel internal and external threats while keeping users productive

The Solution

Okta and CrowdStrike deliver the actionable user and device intelligence your teams need to evaluate login risk and make intelligent real-time or automated access decisions

CrowdStrike’s Zero Trust Assessment provides unparalleled visibility and context to establish device trust

Okta’s Identity Cloud centralizes identity management, providing user context that permits fine-grained, contextual access responses

Together, these solutions establish a user + device trust chain and help enterprises quickly stand up a secure, flexible Zero Trust environment

Unify insights from user and device context to centrally evaluate login risk

The Okta Identity Cloud tracks all login events to corporate resources, applying user, device, and location context to assign a risk level for each login event. CrowdStrike Falcon® Zero Trust Assessment evaluates endpoint health across a variety of touchpoints including endpoint hardware, firmware, and operating system versions. Together, these integrated solutions supply deep real time visibility into host security posture and user login context so your teams can make informed and reliable access decisions.

Add device and identity context that informs access request decisions into enterprise resources

Okta’s and CrowdStrike’s powerful insights into user and device context feed into a unified dashboard view of enterprise access, eliminating the security blindspots that can arise when IT teams try to manage too many solutions in parallel. Armed with this view, your teams can easily manage enterprise access policies that protect all corporate resources, in the cloud or on-premises, and sync data to reporting and monitoring tools for further analysis and correlation when required. 

Confidently automate responses to access requests by establishing trusted users and devices 

Okta and CrowdStrike help your teams deliver a great end user experience, by authorizing fast, context-aware access to enterprise resources without compromising on security or compliance mandates. The integration makes it easy for your teams to evaluate incoming user and device data against centralized access policies, so they can block suspect users, require step-up authentication, or deny access from devices that don’t match your organization’s security posture requirements. Contextual data can also inform access decisions for strong passwordless authentication, including WebAuthn and Okta FastPass, reducing the risk of account takeover.

Okta CrowdStrike diagram


Okta and CrowdStrike enable anywhere, anytime workforce access with powerful tools for confidently verifying users and devices

  • Provide your remote and on-premises workforce with safe access to applications and data, from any device at any time
  • Minimize security blind spots by giving teams a consolidated view of access requests and supporting contextual data
  • Evaluate endpoint health and user and device context across your organization in real-time, to inform smart, real-time access decisions 
  • Confidently automate appropriate access, including passwordless access, and provide contextual security responses in real time  
  • Keep your users productive and happy while keeping enterprise assets safe from internal and external threats