Google’s CER Program Recommends Okta

Today, as part of their Chrome Enterprise Connectors Framework, Google announced Okta as a key component of their Chrome Enterprise Recommended (CER) program. This program promotes a Zero Trust infrastructure through integrated security solutions using the Chrome OS and browser. 

According to Google, “These integrations offer better protection for users and endpoints and give IT more tools to report on security incidents. Overall, we’re making it easier to help organizations work toward a Zero Trust model.”

With Okta and Chrome Enterprise, we’re making identity simple and secure for your workforce to access enterprise applications—whether they’re remote or in the office. Today, with this new integration, employees can open any Chrome OS device and access all of their apps and assets through Okta’s seamless, pass-through authentication experience. How does it work?

  • Chrome OS supports native sign-in with Okta, including MFA, right out of the box.
  • Employees can configure their brand new Chrome OS device—without IT intervention —which will automatically become managed under Google's device policy framework.
  • Okta Workflows aids in keeping the Okta, or Active Directory, password in sync with the device, reducing end-user confusion and support tickets.
  • Okta's support for Chrome OS sign-on policies allows administrators to determine the user experience for their Chrome OS users.

Okta is excited to contribute to the Chrome Enterprise Connectors Framework and is joined by trusted industry leaders, including BlackBerry, CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks, Netskope, Samsung, Splunk, and VMware. 

We’re accelerating our Chrome Enterprise partnership with an Early Access (EA) Chrome OS app sign-on policy feature on Okta Identity Engine (OIE). This move will provide administrators with strong and flexible authentication controls. As a self-serve, EA feature, OIE customers can self-enable this today.

To learn more about Chrome Enterprise and hear from Okta’s very own Marc Rogers, Senior Director of Cybersecurity, check out Chrome Enterprise Demo Day on Wednesday, June 8 from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT. 

Tune in live to:

  • Learn how the Chrome browser can help you secure your hybrid workforce 
  • Discover how built-in Chrome features can increase performance and productivity 
  • Breath new life into aging PCs and Macs using Chrome OS Flex
  • Learn from top partners on how to modernize your business with Chrome OS kiosks and digital signage

We’ll see you on Jun 8, 2022!