Get Secure, Seamless Access With End-to-End Passwordless Experiences


Across all applications, businesses, and industries, countless interactions among employees, partners, and consumers occur in the digital world. These interactions are happening across different devices, contexts, and locations. For end users signing up and signing into these applications, they have high expectations for security, speed, and convenience.

Identity is the front door to these digital interactions and can be a key differentiation for businesses. To that end, companies must deliver secure, seamless end-user experiences for workforce and customer identity access management to:

  • Protect accounts from ever-growing threats of cyber attacks and credential stuffing
  • Improve productivity, reduce friction, and increase employee effectiveness 
  • Increase revenue, customer conversions, and business outcomes

A passwordless future lies ahead

Passwords are costly. An estimated $1M of annual password support-related costs are attributed to the complexity of legacy IAM solutions. What’s worse? Passwords are the weakest link in the digital world and pose security risks to businesses, partners, and consumers. According to Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report, 61% of all breaches involve credentials, whether they be stolen via social engineering or hacked using brute force. 

Moreover, passwords have created countless frustrations for end users. Creating unique passwords and adhering to different alphanumeric password policies can be cumbersome. When end-user friction is present during sign-in, employee effectiveness and partner productivity are adversely impacted; revenue and customer conversions also suffer. This can be extremely costly, especially when 83% of consumers have abandoned their cart or sign-up due to an arduous login process.

Our digital world requires more than passwords can offer. In fact, it’s time to make strides toward a passwordless future that offers improved security and seamless access.

Passwordless accounts deliver better passwordless sign-in experiences

Okta is leading the journey to address these challenges with passwords. With Okta, customers have the choice and flexibility to make passwords optional, even disable passwords on accounts altogether. From account creation to account recovery, passwords are not required in any phase of the end-user experience. Businesses are able to offer complete, end-to-end passwordless experiences for their employees, partners, and consumers.

Passwordless accounts accomplish the goals of reducing IT costs, improving security, and minimizing friction. It prevents – and even eliminates – a majority of breaches that often arise from password-based attacks. End users will never need to set up passwords during initial account creation; businesses’ IT and support teams are unburdened by password management, especially tedious password reset processes for end users.

Okta continues to expand on the latest innovations for companies to adopt the newest security and end-user experiences in identity management. The Okta platform provides secure, out-of-the-box administration policies and customizable end-user experiences. End users can easily enroll, use, and recover their preferred passwordless authentication options. This offers businesses the flexibility and choice to implement the right balance of security and convenience for any use case and app.

Passwordless access using possession-based and biometric factors offer stronger authentication options than passwords—without compromising end-user experiences. For medium assurance use cases, a low friction sign-in flow with email magic link enables authentication with an embedded link delivered to a registered email address. For contexts and use cases requiring higher assurance levels, two-factor authentication, using a combination of possession and biometrics factors, offer added security.

Customers streamline passwordless sign-in experiences

Okta customers can enable employees and partners to authenticate securely into more than 7,000 applications available in the Okta Integration network (OIN). For businesses with employees and partners that access confidential data, they can increase security with device context and adaptive policy checks using Okta FastPass. It offers secure authentication across all major platforms and devices for any user, anywhere. 

The momentum in adoption of Okta’s passwordless solutions is leading to impactful business outcomes for customers, including companies with higher assurance policies. In the last thirty days, there has been eighteen percent month-over-month growth in FastPass authentications, surpassing two million logins! 

Customer spotlight

Okta’s passwordless solutions enable premium customers like Intercom and Rubrik to deliver secure, seamless experiences. Read on for a few details about their passwordless journeys.


Intercom is a Conversational Relationship Platform (CRP) that delivers personalized, messenger-based experiences for sales, marketing, and customer support teams. The technology goes beyond typical live chat to deliver contextual, conversational experiences at scale.

When we set out to implement MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), our main priorities were providing a frictionless login experience for employees and considering the speed and effort of deployment. FastPass and Okta Workflows made it incredibly easy for our small team to deploy passwordless authentication at scale using a no-code solution, and ultimately helped us move closer to a full Zero Trust infrastructure.” 
— Emanuele Sparvoli, Director of IT, Intercom


Rubrik is a cloud data management company that provides a secure software platform to mitigate data loss with granular recovery and seamless management across multiple cloud environments. Its platform helps businesses around the world store, protect, and access their data.

“Our primary goal is to deliver a centralized, consistent security strategy and we take pride in our uncompromisingly secure authentication methods. Passwords are a significant risk factor and we strive to eliminate passwords whenever possible. Leveraging FastPass and Okta Verify allows us to streamline our efforts for passwordless, device registration, and trust. We're grateful for the constant dialogue with Okta, which really helps us to achieve these shared goals.”
— Lillian Macchi, Director of Information Technology, Rubrik

Get started with Okta’s passwordless solutions to deliver secure, seamless end-user experiences for today’s digital world and the future ahead! For more details, take a look at our documentation on how to set it up.